Betting on basketball: who will win this year’s NBA?

The big question that everyone is asking ahead of the new NBA season, both from a fan and a gambling perspective, is whether we will see a new side competing for the title this season. As we all know Miami stormed to the title last year and are clear favorites with bookmakers to do the same again this year, with odds of 9/4, thanks to enviable quality and depth throughout their squad. It will be a brave punter who goes against the Heat for this year’s NBA, but for those who do fancy betting against them there could be a couple of sides capable of toppling them.

One team which are hoping to do so is the Cleveland Cavaliers, however at odds of 100/1 they don’t hold much chance of taking the title this year. However a more realistic bet looks to be betting on them to win the Central Division title at 16/1. They are behind Indiana (1/1) and Chicago (1/1), but will be looking to cause an upset.
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