Indiana Pacers: Danny Granger playing one-on-one

Apr 30, 2012; Indianapolis, IN, USA; Indiana Pacers guard Leandro Barbosa (28) and forward Danny Granger (33) celebrate against the Orlando Magic during the second half of game two in the Eastern Conference quarterfinals of the 2012 NBA Playoffs at the Bankers Life Fieldhouse. Indiana defeated Orlando 93-78. Mandatory Credit: Mark Zerof-USA TODAY Sports

Danny Granger had an injury-plagued 2012-13 season, appearing in just five games and eventually being sidelined for the end of the season. It seems that Granger is on his way back, and while he is limited in the things he can do he has started playing a little one-on-one basketball, according to head coach Frank Vogel.

Granger is expected to be ready for opening night and Vogel seems to be encouraged with his player’s progress.

It will certainly be interesting to see what remains of Granger, as it feels as though we have not seen him play in forever. A lot of trade rumors have surrounded the Indiana star, who has seemingly been forgotten due to the emergence of Roy Hibbert and especially Paul George.

Granger has said that he expects to start next season and while Vogel is open to inserting Danny back into the starting lineup, he will have to fight for his spot with Lance Stephenson.

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  • Steve Murphy

    Granger and change to Boston for Rondo… Then it’s lights out for the rest of the league, including Miami.

    • Nathan Futey

      if LeBron doesn’t come back to Cleveland I see Granger the next in line to be there… Paul George is going to get a big time contract from the pacer and that will take the rest of there money with west and hibbert and g. hill they will have some decent back ups but Granger will be a total free agent a I see the pacers having to use Lance to become ther 6 man than.. everywhere I read its lebron is going to the cavs or miami again… The only 2 ways I see him in maimi isif he doesn’t opt out like he has told people for the last 2 years he was going to do… or if all 3 would opt out meaning bosh, wade and lebron on there last year and than lebron gets his max contract in 21 million, wade come back for a cheap home price at 11 million and bosh is the onee that loses the most money and also takes 11 million and thats the only way to do it under the new rules and anyone who knows about it if they did that would become the most hated team in the NBA of maybe all time… cause that takes the whole reason of the sarley cap… If I was in strens place I would make it a hard cap where you not able to go over the tax.. and once you get tothe cap limit you are done… no more money… Cause teams like N.J. is a perfect reason why… anytimes with low mmarkets can’t pay over where big city markets like cuban and L.A. and N.J.and NY can pay over the tax cause the got owners that can play all the tax the ever would want… just like in baseball really… you got magic and the dodgers and the Yankees and than you got teams like Tampa bay and the twins … The big martkets have there own tv channels just on there team.. the laker channel… the YES for yankees and boston in baseball and there alot more… thats why there should be a hard cap and not a loop holes to get through to get extra players when you go over the cap…. I would love to just get my feet wet and work in anything in the nba for free since I have 24/7 free time and its what I live my life on if not baseball its basketball with passion each year… Nathan Futey…