Drake Denied Access To Miami Heat Locker Room

The Miami Heat captured their second straight championship on Thursday, and a lot of people wanted to get in on the festivities. Unfortunately, not everyone is allowed to do so. When the Heat were through with the ceremony on the court, the team went to the locker room to celebrate, where only the players and the media are allowed access. But if you are a famous rapper named Drake, surely you can get in anyway? Nope.

Drake seemed astonished that he was not allowed to enter Miami’s locker room — “Not even us?”. No, not even you Drake, only the media. And so Drake did the next logical thing — he claimed to be media. I don’t know who he thought he was fooling, but it was a hilarious attempt. Whoever was filming the video also seemed pretty ecstatic about the fact that Drake was left outside.

Drake was able to join in on the festivities when the Heat hit the club though.

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