NBA Trade Rumors: KG, Pierce, Doc To Los Angeles Clippers?

NBA Trade Rumors – At this point, most casual NBA fans are aware of the situation that the Boston Celtics are in. With an aging roster, general manager Danny Ainge has to make a decision on whether to blow up the team and start the rebuilding process. Well, a recent rumor suggests that if the Celtics trio of Doc Rivers, Kevin Garnett and Paul Pierce are not given another shot together, all three could potentially land in L.A, according to Marc Stein of ESPN.

This does seem quite far-fetched, but the two teams have been flirting for a while. Around the trade deadline, many rumors revolved around a potential Garnett trade to the Clippers, but it never happened. Furthermore, Rivers has hinted that he wouldn’t mind a change of scenery, and would be interested in coaching the Clippers.

For such a trade to happen, DeAndre Jordan and Eric Bledsoe would probably have to be included in the package going the other way.

From Boston’s perspective, that’s probably not the worst trade in the world, but letting go of Rivers in the process would hurt the team a lot more. Oh, and there is another twist — if such a trade was to happen and the Celtics had a head coaching vacancy, none other than ex-Clippers coach Vinny Del Negro could be interested in taking the job.

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  • miketuck

    Getting rid of Rivers would be the key to the Celtics bcoming a force again. It would depend on who Danny got to replace him. I love the thought of Kareem Aldul Jabar taking the Coaching job after being dissed by UCLA. I’d actually like Kareem to take a asst. Coaches job for the first 2 years and bring in a Coach that knows how to teach ball control through great defense and capitalizing on other teams mistakes. Kareem is smart and he’d be great teaching the younger big men to play in the key. McHale and Carlisle if they could get out of their contracts would make a possitive stir in Beantown. The trade mentioned would be the biggest deal in a long long time. And if Ainge could capitalize on it by drafting us a great Center there won’t be any rebuild. Sullinger, Green, Bradley and Rondo only need get the help of a big Center to help protect the key, scoring would be a plus.
    Kelly Olynyk is a great 7 footer that could be having the Celtics looking like instant winners. Jordan and Bledsoe we’re talked about mid year and would be a wellcome sight.