Oklahoma City Thunder NOT Using Amnesty Clause On Kendrick Perkins

Kendrick Perkins has been the scapegoat for a lot of the Oklahoma City Thunder’s recent shortcomings. The criticism reached new highs when Perkins rounded off this year’s NBA Playoffs with a NEGATIVE PER among players who played significant minutes, naturally the worst such mark in the history of the NBA.

Many are calling for Perk’s head, encouraging Sam Presti to use the team’s amnesty clause on the perpetually useless big man. Well, it doesn’t seem that Presti agrees. Instead, Thunder’s GM thinks that Perkins has a lot of value to the team.

Clearly, Presti doesn’t want to hurt Kendrick’s feelings. Perkins has the ability to position himself in the paint while acting as a human wall, and is a somewhat underrated passer, he does practically nothing offensively and is a huge liability in so many ways.

Oklahoma City is a small market team, and using the amnesty provision on Perkins was probably not a likely option at this point. While it would allow the Thunder to add other players to the roster, the team would still have to pay his salary, which is a sizeable amount of money.

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  • http://www.facebook.com/jill.h.blue Jill Harrison Blue

    We all love Perk as a person. But when he drew back and didn’t shoot several times during playoffs despite being a yard from the rim, instead passing to Rox or Grizz, maybe clock violation, we all pulled our hair. Everyone has something to say. Maybe switch Collison and Perk? Maybe use Orton more? Morale will go when it begins being like the old saying between our guys, “A friend out of pity is no friend at all.” Careful that our bench grows deeper is key. We’ve got to have at least one full bench besides starters who play every game. Something has to prepare us for if Serge goes down or Collison sustains a meniscus tear… Plan for the good of all. Plan for the future. Plan like your entire first bench contracted meningitis or mononucleosis. PLANNING is what we need. MBA level planning.