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(VIDEO) Nazr Mohammed Shoves LeBron James

Friday’s game 2 between the Miami Heat and the Chicago Bulls got a little out of line early in the second quarter, as Nazr Mohammed was ejected after an inexplicable shove on LeBron James.

A little earlier, the two teams got into a physical altercation, after Chris Andersen fell on top of Nate Robinson and Joakim Noah came over to push Birdman off.

As James was pushing the ball up the floor, Mohammed was hanging on him and LeBron shoved him away with an elbow — a clear technical foul which was obviously called. It all seemed to be fair and square, until Nazr rose up from the floor and shoved James with both hands.

While Nazr might not be a key player for the Bulls, being another man short when you already have an injury-depleted roster certainly doesn’t help. Chicago has not been able to stay collected, as Noah and Taj Gibson were tossed in game 2.



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