30 Most Overpaid Players In NBA

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Feb 22, 2013; Toronto, ON, Canada; New York Knicks forward Amar

There are a lot of players in the NBA who don’t quite give their respective teams value for the money they make. Some guys take some ridiculous paychecks to the bank on a regular basis, while barely producing on the court.

You will find a mixture of players on this list. There will be those who are at the very top of the money-making list in the NBA, but are not quite capable to carry the load of a superstar. You will also find players that have recently signed a big contract, but seen the quality of their play regress from the previous seasons. Other players on this list are role players who earn way too much for their contributions, or veterans who are at the end of their big NBA contracts.

So who are the 30 most overpaid players in the NBA as of right now? Continue reading to find out.

(Note: The list is in no particular order. This is not a ranking of the most overpaid players, just a list)

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