NBA Trade Rumors: The Latest on Garnett to the Clippers

Kevin Garnett’s name continues to be connected to the Los Angeles Clippers. In several interviews, Garnett has said that he has no intention of waiving his no-trade clause. According to a Yahoo Sports report, the Clippers think they could change his mind.

According to report, both Chris Paul and Blake Griffin admire Kevin Garnett as a player:

“Who wouldn’t love to have Kevin Garnett on their team?” Paul said. “I talk about that guy all day, every day. You know the intensity to the game and how he plays the game. At the end of the day, that guy is a special player. I’ve looked up to him for a long time.”

– Chris Paul

Boston Celtics GM Danny Ainge has not approached Kevin Garnett formally as of yet, but the Yahoo source believes that the Clippers could change his stance on the no-trade clause.

It is also believed that if Ainge actually came to Garnett with a trade proposal to the Clippers, he would be reasonable and agree to a move to the Los Angeles team, who pretty much accommodate all of Garnett’s needs at this point of his career.

It doesn’t seem as though the two teams have held any serious discussions lately, as both the Clippers and the Celtics are also contemplating other moves. One thing is certain though – the two franchises are in for a busy and nerve-racking couple of days leading up to the Feb. 21 trade deadline.

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