Denver Nuggets: Is Andre Miller One of the Greatest Point Guards of All-Time?

Dec 29, 2012; Memphis, TN, USA; Memphis Grizzlies guard Jerryd Bayless (7) defends against Denver Nuggets guard Andre Miller (24) during the first half at FedEx Forum. Mandatory Credit: Nelson Chenault-USA TODAY Sports

After Andre Miller 15,000 points for his career in Thursday night’s contest against the Minnesota Timberwolves, Denver Nuggets head coach George Karl had some choice words to stay about the veteran guard.

Via SLAM Online:

Per the Denver Post: “Where does Andre Miller rank among NBA point guards all time? Well, his coach says maybe top five.

Wait, what?

‘I’m taking about a true point guard,’ Nuggets coach George Karl said, ‘who plays the game the way a point guard should play, not (necessarily) with the 3-ball and the scoring point guards. But the ‘trueness’ of the position, I think he’s one of the best.’

Ah, so true point guard as in KJG’s own Total Point Guard Rating, where our own Anthony Brown deciphers the best point guards thanks to a brilliant breakdown of the most important stats stemming from a point guard’s play?

According to Brown’s numbers, Miller ranks well below any of the greats when considering TPGR.

When considering the best point guards of all-time, here are the career numbers from best to worst of just a few “similar” players.

(Note: I use the word similar very, very loosely)

Magic Johnson- 33.85 

Chris Paul- 33.74

John Stockton- 29.26

Walt Frazier- 28.62

Isiah Thomas- 26.41

Jason Kidd- 25.98

Gary Payton- 24.03

Rajon Rondo- 23.95

Steve Nash- 23.27

Maurice Cheeks- 21.04

Andre Miller- 20.88

Miller is up there, but it’s not even close for a top-5 spot. Also, for players like Bob Cousy, some of the statistics we use for this aren’t available, because they simply didn’t keep all of these stats then.

After seeing the numbers, does Miller pass the eye test of a top-5 pure point guard?

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