Top 10 Funniest Moments Of 2012

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With 2013 just around the corner, we at King James Gospel have decided to give you a rundown of the most amusing moments of 2012.

10. Blake Griffin airballs two-consecutive free throws

Griffin has been working on his free throws, and for good reason. In a close contest against the Atlanta Hawks, Griffin air-mailed not only his first, but both free throw attempts.

9. Al Jefferson carries Delonte West around the court

It was an obvious mismatch when the 6’3″ West attempted to block the 6’10” Jefferson on a defensive switch. As West kicked the ball on his way up though, he lost his balance and started a long fall to the ground. Thankfully, Big Al caught West, giving the audience a show generally delegated to a pair of ice skaters.

8. Nick Young botches fastbreak layup

Not much went right for the Washington Wizards last year. But this play pretty much sums up the year in a brief couple of seconds.

7. Andrew Bynum laughs at Blake Griffin dunk over Pau Gasol

There’s no better teammate than Andrew Bynum of the Los Angeles Lakers. Don’t believe me? Watch how he consoles teammate Pau Gasol after a vicious dunk by Blake Griffin.

6. Brandon Knight is treated to Gatorade shower

We talked about the lowly Washington Wizards last season, but there might not have been a worse game than this one against the Detroit Pistons. As much was evidenced in Brandon Knight’s attempted save of a tipped ball, which ended with his impromptu Gatorade shower.

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