Phoenix Suns: Changing The Way Fans View The Game

Nov 28, 2012; Auburn Hills, MI, USA; Phoenix Suns center Jermaine O

When the Phoenix Suns announced a “Satisfaction Guarantee Night,” interest in the program spread throughout the NBA landscape.

Generally in professional sports, the players tend to care about themselves and owners care about their money.

Unfortunately, that seems to be the norm across the board in the professional realm.

But times are changing and having an appealing product that draws consistent coverage, from fans and the media alike, is becoming increasingly more important.

In 2009, the Suns had 100 percent attendance, tied with the Boston Celtics and Utah Jazz for third most in the NBA. Since then, Phoenix has dropped every year- notching 95 percent in 2010, 95 percent in 2011, 84 percent in 2012, and dropping to 81 percent this year.

After sending away franchise guard Steve Nash to the Los Angeles Lakers, the Suns closed an era of run-and-gun basketball in which they were ousted in the Western Conference Finals three times. As one of the most successful teams in the West, Nash combined with Amar’e Stoudemire to form a supreme squad underhead coach Mike D’Antoni’s “7 seconds or less” playbook.

Instead of Nash, Goran Dragic is the starting guard. Then replace Stoudemire and Shawn Marion with Marcin Gortat and Michael Beasley.

They’re one of the worst defensive teams in the league, boasting the 28th worst defense rating in the league. Simply put, they’ve been bad, notching a 7-10 record en route to another lowly record.

Something has to spike attendance and maybe this will work. And it’s truly refreshing to see a franchise offer this type of program for the true fans.

For one night, wins and losses won’t matter, but instead it will be all about putting on a show for the paying crowd.

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