Josh Smith is unlikely to renew his contract with Atlanta Hawks

According to the New York Daily News:

Josh Smith has told the Atlanta Hawks that he is not going to renew his contract during the season. It is stated that he is planning to test the free agency market.

Josh Smith side 

Josh Smith is one of the best athletes in the NBA. He has never had any problems with his teammates and is known as a team-first player. Last year he averaged 18.8 points per game and 9.6 rebounds per game. In addition to those numbers he averaged 1.7 blocks per game. He had pretty much the same numbers in the 2010-2011 season too. That goes to show just how consistent he is and he is still just 27 years old. With the new CBA rules, he can only have a three-year extension with Atlanta Hawks but if he decides to become a free agent he will be able to sign a five-year contract. The Atlanta Hawks are not showing good signs for the upcoming season and I think becoming a free agent is a good idea for Josh Smith for the rest of his career.

Atlanta Hawks side

They tried to be a contender in the previous years but they are not capable of doing that anymore. Sorry Hawks fans, the city of Atlanta is not ready to challenge for a championship. After trading Joe Johnson, the Hawks did not replace him with another star. The team will probably make playoffs but advance no further than the first round. Trading Josh before he leaves to get something in return might be the best option for the Hawks.

Possible Scenarios

A sign-and-trade might be a possible scenario for Josh Smith. The Los Angeles Lakers might be interested in trading for him. A Josh Smith-Pau Gasol trade will help both teams in the end. The Lakers will get better athletically and the Atlanta Hawks will get a European-style center.

Oct 7, 2012; Atlanta, GA, USA; Atlanta Hawks forward Josh Smith (5) goes over a Miami Heat defender for a shot during the second half at Philips Arena. The Hawks defeated the Heat 91-79. Mandatory Credit: Josh D. Weiss-US PRESSWIRE

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  • bighomeyrio

    Whoever wrote this should do a little more research. I live in the A and a hawks fan (biased), but i’ve watched the situation. Since Ferry game and Joe left, he’s said he wants to stay for the longhaul. He’s not signing an extention cause he wants a max deal and money. Due to new CBA rules, nobody can páy him more than us. On top of that, being labeled HIS and Al’s team with money to FINALLY go after free agents. Doubt he leaves unless he gets traded. And you truly believe we’re better off with Pau than Josh?? Rather have Marc

    • Melih Paksoy

      First, I did not discuss or mention about how much is he going to get paid in my article. Pau Gasol trade will help Lakers to beat Heat and OKC. Atlanta Hawks side losing Josh Smith without any asset will be the worst scenario.

  • TCP_Zhengzhou

    This is lazy and recirculated journalism… zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz