LeBron James adding Skyhook to his Repertoire

The 2012 summer was not easy for LeBron James. He played against the Oklahoma City Thunder in the 2012 NBA Finals and then he played for Team USA in the 2012 London Olympics.

When he was first drafted, he could play point guard, shooting guard and the small forward positions. Last year, he started to play as a power forward against the Thunder and he did pretty well against the Thunder defense. Also in the London Olympics, to adapt to the European style of basketball, he was used as a power forward against their opponents. At the end of the summer, he had the ring and the gold medal which means he accomplished his tasks.

He also added some moves to his offensive repertoire. He improved his post-up play, he is a better jump shooter and he now appears more comfortable in clutch situations. In addition to this perfect offensive package now he is trying to add the skyhook to his offensive arsenal. That shooting style reduces the chances of getting blocked by the defender because he is putting his whole body between the ball and the defender and at the same time he creates more space for his hook shoot.

According to ESPN:

“I’ll be down here even more this year” 

LeBron stated after his 30-minute personal training workout with Hall of Famer Bob McAdoo.

It is not easy to say that the skyhook is going to be his signature move in his game, but it is pretty clear that he is going to use skyhooks more than last year and this will help his low post plays.

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