New Orleans Hornets vs Houston Rockets Preseason Game Review 10/12/2012

As the pre-season started, the Houston Rockets surprised most of the NBA authorities with their newly built squad. It is clear that they played against the teams which were not ready for the season but on the other hand, the Rockets played well in their last two games against Oklahoma City Thunder and New Orleans Hornets.

Jeremy Lin`s New Role

Jeremy Lin was showing good signs for the upcoming season for Rockets fans that he is going to be better than last year. He might not have the same affect to the Rockets like Yao Ming but he is a huge asset for the Houston Rockets’ roster. In my opinion, he was overpaid a little bit but he will be the main guy in the Rockets’ system for the upcoming season.

Terrence Jones 

Rookie Jones played amazing in his first game against the Oklahoma City Thunder and he had a solid game against the New Orleans Hornets. He played only 20 minutes in the game and scored 5 points but he was doing so many extra things for the team which cannot be seen on a stat sheet.

Omer Asik

In yesterday`s game he played really well. He had 15 rebounds against Robin Lopez. He is not a good scoring option but his rebounding is going to be a huge extra for the Rockets. Asik is a real professional and because he is overpaid he is not going to stop hustling and improving his game.

Kevin Martin

He had a pretty decent game yesterday and it seemed like he liked to play with his teammates but in the future he is going to be a problem for the Rockets roster. The newly built Rockets team should use him as a trade asset before he loses his value.

Chandler Parsons

He scored 10 points in each game but he is not ready for the NBA. He will probably get minutes for the Rockets but he has to improve his off the ball plays to be a part of the Rockets team.

New Orleans Hornets

There is nothing much to say about the New Orleans Hornets from yesterday`s game. The star and the future star of the team was playing in the game and the other pieces seemed not that ready for the season. Anthony Davis is real lucky to find a franchise where he can develop and not be under pressure. Moreover, It is going to be so hard for the New Orleans Hornets to be in the playoff race this year again like last year.


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  • Kl

    Jeremy Lin is not overpaid. You should look at what he brings to Rockets, leadership that will send the team to playoff, which Rockets has paid hundreds of million $ in last 3 years and could not accomplish.

    • Melih Paksoy

      He is going to be a key player for the Rockets franchise for this year but in my opinion it is not enough for playoff race or championship ring.

  • Adult Supervisor

    Chandler Parsons not ready for the NBA? He one of the brightest young stars. Many other teams would love to have him.

    • Melih Paksoy

      Dave, I am expecting more from Parsons. I know that he has the potential but he should do more to get better.

  • Kyle Adams

    I write for Space City Scoop of the Fansided Network. How can you say Chandler Parsons isn’t ready? lol that doesn’t even make sense since he has already arrived bro. I’m not sure what you are looking at. I’m not trying to be rude but you’re just completely wrong on this. Look at his numbers from last year matched up with the other rookies. He’s the leader of the team of team lol. Your so far off base it’s insane. Might want to pay a little more attention to something before you write about it, man..

    • Melih Paksoy

      First, thank you for the comments. Let me explain why I said he is not ready for the NBA. I am expecting more than Chandler Parsons and according to my expectations he is not ready enough for the NBA. If you watched the yesterdays game Rockets vs Spurs. He scored 6 points and he made 2 of his 9 attempts. If you see Chandler Parsons as an average player he is ready. If you expect more from him, he should improve his defense and off the ball plays. In addition, anyone in the Rockets team who can able to run and shoot the ball may average 10 points per game like Chandler Parsons. Look at Delfino this year.