Miami Heat In Contact With Chicago's John Lucas III

John Lucas III, more commonly known as ‘that guy LeBron jumped over for an alley pop’, forged a nice little second half of the season for the Chicago Bulls in the absence of their superstar Derrick Rose.

Following James’ utter humiliation of the guard, Lucas went on to average 7.5 points a game off the bench, including 24 in a revenge game against Miami later in the year.

The Bulls have already lost CJ Watson to the Nets, they risk losing Homer Asik to the Rockets and should Lucas also leave, the Bulls’ deep bench will be much shallower.

With Mario Chalmers and Norris Cole, the Heat are hardly in need of the services of Lucas III, but with 2 roster spots remaining and potentially more, Lucas could be an option for an already stacked Champion team.

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