An Australian in America Day 2

I never understood why people went on about jet lag and often called them pussies for complaining about it.

Never again.

After having failed to sleep for the 16 hour flight from Sydney to LA, nor the 90 minute flight from LA to Arizona, nor the first day I was here (other than perhaps a quick one hour nap), I found myself falling asleep during a movie last night. I thought it was a good time to call it quits and head to bed. It was about midnight.

I honestly lay there till 4am and beyond, unable to sleep. At 4am in Arizona it was roughly 9pm in Sydney, and despite the lack of sleep I’d had over the past couple of days, I was unable to fall asleep. It was utter torture. I went through google trying to find ways to sleep, nothing helped. Honestly I’ve barely felt worse than I did lying on the floor of an apartment in Arizona that was still around 25 degrees (I dunno about 85 fahrenheit) after midnight.

It was hell.

I woke up at about midday to 35 degree heat (like 110?) and felt a bit better with a bit of sleep under me. Myself and my friend went onto ASU campus to get some food then he set off for study while I headed back to the apartment to go in the perfect temperature pool. For some reason no one goes in it. I don’t know if Americans are afraid of water, whether they can’t swim or what the deal is but I dove straight in and the 20 or so people sun baking around it gave me a bit of a weird look.

Well incase any of them are reading this (I know its doubtful but why not) let me explain that something like 95% of Australia’s population lives within 50km of the coast, so swimming and the water is our lifestyle. We are as comfortable in water as we are out of it. So excuse me if I’d rather spend my time in the pool than lying around it, I don’t understand how or why people go to a pool or the beach and lie by it rather than going in it.

Anyway there’s my rant for the evening.

A new roommate moved into my friend’s apartment today, a 19 year old from Washington DC. He isn’t enrolled till next semester but is finishing an internship before classes start. He seems like a good guy. Also met the other roommate that is seldom around, he also seems like a nice dude.

I’ve quickly learned that not being 21 (I turn it in 2 months…I know right) is a pretty big disadvantage. Unless there are parties going on in this gated apartment community, it doesn’t seem like there is a whole lot to do. Arizona is a bit nothing for my taste.

I grew up in Bondi, which if you aren’t familiar with (which I’m sure most are) is the most famous beach and beach area in Australia, maybe the world, and is a stone’s throw from the city, so it’s the relaxed lifestyle of the beach mixed with the hectic lifestyle of the city. That is what I am much more accustomed to. An arid desert with the only thing close to water being some dirty man made lake type thing, empty malls and wide, traffic-less roads is quite the opposite. The weather is similar though, which is good. In Australia our OZONE layer is fairly destroyed, meaning if you spend very much time in our sun you will burn. Obviously we are somewhat used to it after spending our lives in it, but it still can get you bad on a hot day. Not here though, you can spend all day in this sun and nothing happens to you. It’s unlike anything I’ve experienced before, and I definitely like it.

Other than that not a whole lot else happened today. Hoping the infamous ASU picks up a little, I’ve been disappointed so far by it’s antics. I’ve got till Saturday to see what it can do.

Talk to you tomorrow.



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