The Cavs Report : Game 20 vs Boston Celtics

I admire the Cavs for their fourth quarter effort in their 93-90 loss to the Celtics at home. But this is going to be a very short game review once again. Maybe it’s cause of the short time during the game when the Cavs gave 110%.

I am not adding any stats to this review either. Reason being that stats had nothing to do with the game last night. It was all about energy and drive. The team refused to quit in the fourth quarter. The overall play in that quarter was very much appreciated by Cavaliers fans. It would have been nice to see that kind of effort for four quarters though. Throughout the first three quarters, it looked like the Cavaliers were completly asleep.

Players were missing defensive assignments and missing shots. The Celtics simply wanted the game more. Im glad that the Cavaliers are playing hard at times during games. Andy seemed to be the only player giving 110% the entire game. Kyrie played well too. However, I did notice some blown defensive assignments on his part. In truth, it was still great to see a team that wouldn’t give up. Last season, there were times the Cavaliers didn’t play hard at all. But the Cavaliers to figure out how to stay driven for an entire game.

Even back to the LeBron era, this team didn’t compete for four quarters. They would play the first quarter and play really hard in the fourth. But in the second and third quarters, they would totally fall asleep. The Cavs wont win an NBA title until they learn how to play hard for four entire quarters. This team has heart, but they need constant drive. Little by little, the Cavs are getting better. But its nights like last night that bother you. The Cavs could have blown away Boston with the kind of effort displayed in the fourth quarter. It’s true that teams learn from their mistakes. And the Cavs should learn quickly. They must in order to become a power in the east again.

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