The Cavs Report : Game 15 vs Atlanta Hawks

Another short game review from me.

The Cavs aren’t playing with any intensity what so ever. They go through the motions on both ends of the floor. I could blame Kyrie Irving for his complete lack of defense, but I’m not. Cause I’m going to go for the guys are really weighing the team down. That would be Jamison, Parker, and Sessions
Jamison just refuses to play any kind of defense. It’s disgraceful to basketball the way he plays on defense. Parker is not any better. He can barley play defense and can’t get anything to drop on the offensive end. And Sessions play completely out of control. He throws bad shot after bad shot up. It’s time for a message to be sent to the Cavaliers by Coach Scott and Chris Grant. The time has come for Tristan Thompson to start over Jamison. Especially last night, Thompson outperformed Jamison in almost every aspect of the game; except minutes played.

More messages will likely be sent before the trade deadline. Messages that could send Parker, Jamison, and Sessions packing. INTESNITY is needed. And right now, the Cavs have none.

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