Game Balls and Laps : Game 3

Game Balls

Kyrie Irving – Kyrie showed why he was the first overall pick. He attacked the basket and played hard on each end of the floor. He will be a go to guy going forward.

Alonzo Gee – What an excellent surprise Gee has been. He has been energetic and has been producing on the court. There is a chance Gee could slip into the starting lineup soon.

Anthony Parker – Parker hit several good shots during the game. He has been giving solid and steady production so far this season.


Antawn Jamison – Yes, more laps for Jamison. He is still taking way too many shots a game. He took 14 shots against the Pacers and made only four. The Cavs must keep the ball in other player’s hands and bring down the number of shots Jamison attempts until he can prove he can make more than four shots a game.

3rd Quarter Performance – The aggressive Cavs team that showed up for most of the game vanished in the third quarter. For the Cavs to be successful, they must play well for four quarters. They cannot afford to take entire quarters off.

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