Amare Stoudemire Accepts LeBron James' Challenge

LeBron James and Amare Stoudemire are two of the faces of the new energy product called Sheets.

Basically they are strips that dissolve on your tongue and give instant energy, much like an energy drink but much healthier for you.

LeBron James actually co-founded the product, another business venture for a man that has identified his dream to be a billionaire athlete, and also opened his first clothing and accessory outlet this week in Ventura Mall, Miami, has Amare on board as one of the investors and ambassadors for the product.

James issued a challenge to the world to come up with a 30 second commercial for the new product, the winner receiving a prize and having their commercial aired on TV and at the cinemas next year.

James wrote and directed his own commercial as an example of what people may create and what they may be looking for in terms of a winner.

Amare then accepted James’ challenge, issuing a video of himself selling the product.

Stoudemire then went another step further and posed as an employee of Duane Reade and attempted to sell Sheets to customers. Supposedly this was another entry by Amare for the competition, although it wasn’t necessarily within the 15-30 second time restraints and didn’t talk too much about the product, it’s still funny to watch.

It’s pretty similar to the old Listerine strips (don’t know if you had those in the States) that gave you immediate fresh breath and what not, which as kids we all ate as if they were lollies, probably wasn’t the best idea given every time we spoke we’d knock people over, but I can definitely see a similar trend happening with these.

How healthy they are is yet to be determined but the fact professional athletes are co-founding and selling the Sheets probably means they are not just strips of sugar and will not result in the usual sugar crash as they talk about taking them before games.

Nonetheless it’ll be interesting to see how this takes off. We’ve seen Dwyane Wade already come out with his product, Court Grip or whatever it is, to help prevent slipping and sliding on the court, and it may become more of a trend with superstars as this era of big market teams and their appeal continues.

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