LeBron James and Kevin Durant Post Video of Their Combined Workout

LeBron James and Kevin Durant are at the very least the two best players in the world under the age of 27, and very likely could be the two best players in the world of any age.

They have been long touted to be the next great rivalry, but neither are yet to scratch the surface of the potential they both possess.

They have had somewhat similar journeys. Both highly rated and watched during their pre NBA days, and both promised so much when they began their NBA careers. Both were/are the darling of the NBA over the first few seasons of their professional employment, and both took their teams to unexpected depths in the playoffs. James took an abysmal Cavaliers to the Finals in his fourth season, Durant’s greatest achievement was losing in the Western Conference Finals this past season.

Nonetheless they both have the world in their hands.

As an avid LeBron James fan, it has been somewhat natural for me to dislike Kevin Durant because he is the greatest threat to LeBron’s crown as the NBA’s best player. People have foresaw his rise to elite superstardom since his first season in the league, and that lingering threat combined with what I believe to still be a decent amount of over-rating, it was difficult for me to like the guy.

Given it was based solely on threat to LeBron’s mantle, and perhaps my feeling that Durant did not deserve these credentials given he hadn’t done anything (and the guy is far too skinny, he isn’t anything of an offensive player maker and his defense is still not nearly good enough), there really isn’t a bad bone in this guy’s body. He wears no.35 to commemorate a high school coach of his that tragically died at age 35. He is a constant charity event holder and participant, he never speaks with any real arrogance or ignorance and his efforts a few weeks ago to join in the local flag football game were just amazing. You can’t not like him.

LeBron James is of very similar character with an equally, if not more chaotic, arduous background. Sadly he does not any longer fall in the class of ‘you can’t not like him’. Let’s not get into any of that.

James and Durant seemed to have struck a competitive rivalry this summer, but perhaps more importantly a true friendship. They are the two main faces of Nike’s new (ironic) campaign, ‘Basketball Never Stops’.

A few days ago LeBron James tweeted a video of him and the Durantula training together. The video is titled ‘Striving for Greatness’ and identifies is it only episode one, meaning it’s likely Nike pushes this new campaign as far as they can through these two while there is no NBA season.

The video is very interesting, giving a more in-depth look into how NBA players train, the different styled drills they run and how they can incorporate both athletes into the same workout.

I won’t say too much else but keep checking back in to the King James Gospel and we’ll keep you up to date with each episode that is released.



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