Tim Tebow Wants Dwight Howard and LeBron James to Join Denver Broncos

The twitter relationship between Tim Tebow and LeBron James is continuing.

The twitter flirtation between the NFL and LeBron James is continuing.

A few days ago Dwight Howard tweeted a picture of himself on one knee doing the ‘Tebow’, to which Tebow took great joy in.

The two proceeded to tweet back and forth until Tebow came up with this:

“And btw @DwightHoward if the lockout continues, you & @KingJames need to come get fitted for your Broncos uni’s!”


Don’t tell me you haven’t spend a great deal of time since James first made contact with John Clayton and Pete Carroll, wondering what it would be like to see LeBron James in the NFL. How about LeBron James and Dwight Howard on the same team as Tim Tebow.

Talk about the media saturation that team would get.

Obviously this will never ever happen, nor does James, Howard or Tebow think anything will come of it, but isn’t it fun to dream.

Tebow at quarterback, James at receiver and Howard probably as a defensive lineman? Given his power, strength, height, burst and ability to swat back the ball?

Man that would be cool.

Does anyone else think Tebow’s ability to collaborate with other sports stars from other codes makes him a more attractive option at QB for the Broncos? His ability to sell himself and the team within a greater spectrum than nearly any other quarterback surely has to been the only reason as to why they are keeping him under center. Don’t get me wrong I’m a big Tebow fan and I think he will work his way to becoming a good quarterback but he’s clearly not there yet and Orton has got to be the better option, perhaps Tebow’s marketability is the difference, the team is thinking well we’re not very good anyway so why don’t we get a high draft pick and still make money?


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