NBA Players Continue Downward Spiral With Talks of Decertification

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Derek Fisher and Billy Hunter look on as reporters bombard them with questions about the future of negotiations.


The owners walk through a slew of hungry reporters fishing for the next NBA lockout headline, the next breaking story. The players step out of clean rides on their way into a fancy hotel right behind those owners to go into a room that is caving in more than it is allowing production.

The talks fall through and David Stern mercilessly approaches a podium to explain why everyone on the other side sucks way more than he and the owners. Billy Hunter assures Derek Fisher that he has his back and each side goes their separate ways until another handful of meetings are scheduled for the public’s sake.

Nothing is ever getting done and the fans are watching the tug of war without an ounce of compassion and a growing amount of disdain for both sides. The NBA players and the owners should work this thing out because if not we could all be looking at a long drawn out fight lasting up to 2-3 years with the owners still coming out of the fight with bloodied knuckles and a pretty face.

Reports of decertification would automatically lead everyone to think that the owners are going “Uh-oh. They’ve got us by the balls now!” Pictures of Dan Gilbert rushing to the Owners hotline to throw in the towel and David Stern sweating at the head of a table of disgruntled billionaires would be too sweet for NBA fans to handle.

It is also too sweet to actually happen.

For a couple of years we were all subjected to postgame conferences and quotes in internet media about how prepared the players, at all levels, would be in the case of a prolonged labor dispute. Hunter and Fisher were advising the players to save their chips and dip in order to fight the good fight when the war came to their door.

No one spoke a word about how prepared the owners would be in the light of a lockout struggle. The players are paid big bucks and one would believe that they could sustain a few months of missed work. The owners are BILLIONAIRES. Dan Gilbert is building a casino connecting two of the most popular sports facilities in Cleveland.

Does anyone believe that he is truly missing out on a life in the lap of luxury because the players want to hold out a little longer for what they deem fair and just?

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