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LeBron James Crucified For Congratulating Tim Tebow; America You Should Be Ashamed

Seriously America, you need to take a good hard look at yourself.

Gone are the days when athletes were just that, athletes, now they are tabloid mongered lightning rods that withstand the constant barrage of each and every person with an outlet in which to do so.

LeBron James is quite obviously the chairman of this so scrutinised and despised army.

Following Tim Tebow’s typical yoyo performance that culminated in him dragging the Broncos to an overtime win over the Miami Dolphins, LeBron James headed to twitter to express his appreciation for perhaps America’s most loveable sports figure.

“Congrats to @TimTebow for that comeback win today. Impressive! He’s just a winner.”

How can anyone have a problem or make anything of that? Well this is 2011 and the media has turned popular culture into the most bullshit ridden over analytical and critical atmosphere, it makes the Presidential debates look like children arguing over a toy.

The biggest arsehole in the history of journalism, Skip Bayless, was predictably the first to react.

“Can’t wait to talk about LeBron’s tweet about Tebow. If only LeBron could say that about himself …”

From there on multiple reporters from SI, SB Nation and the rest of this prick filled business jumped on board the bandwagon offering the pettiest examples of slander I think I’ve ever seen.

People, this has gotten so severely out of hand. It is all well and good to show outrage and anger over some of his past indiscretions such as the awful special The Decision and perhaps his considered lack of sportsmanship in walking out of Orlando without acknowledging the Magic, but when the hatred is still flowing over a year later it is too clear that the tsunami that is the disapproval of LeBron James will not end.

What has he done to deserve any of this? He handled his free agency decision completely wrong. He apologised for it, albeit it somewhat delayed, but nonetheless admits he went about it incorrectly.

Case closed people move on with your lives.

But no one has. 99% of the hatred stems from outside of Cleveland, where people have absolutely no right to display it.

It has gotten to the point where he cannot congratulate a young quarterback on his first win of the season without copping an incomparable spray from all directions of the country.

Seriously America you need to grow up. You’re an embarrassment to yourselves. In no other country in the world does this go on. America has become so obsessed with this celebrity following that is has lost sight of what is real and what is important.

Can you imagine if LeBron James was put under arrest for murder, rape, drug trafficking or violence against a woman? Can you imagine if LeBron James was caught being unfaithful to the mother of his children, caught disobeying a police officer or caught consuming drugs? What if LeBron James shot himself, shot a friend or brought guns into a team facility?

Each of those crimes I have just mentioned have all been committed by high profile athletes of the highest profile sports. Does anyone hold grudges on any of those? No.

Yet LeBron James is figuratively crucified for making a bad TV show.

America you have so catastrophically lost your way.

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