Stephen A Smith and Skip Bayless Have LeBron James Outside Top 5 NBA Players

So if you have ever seen anything of Skip Bayless you will know he is about the most insufferable, egotistical media figure in the history of American journalism.

I say that with no real knowledge of any history of American journalism but should there be someone worse than Skip Bayless I do not wish to know about him.

I just want to make one point on him (I have millions but we don’t want to sit here all night talking about his obvious faults) and it pretty much sums the guy up.

He makes no secret of his allegiance to the Dallas Cowboys and particularly to Tony Romo. Romo constantly fails in the big games, the big moments, produces horrendous examples of poor decision making. No one doubts his obvious talent but he has done nothing to earn the respect he wants nor the respect Skip Bayless gives him. Skip constantly defends Romo because of his bias towards the Cowboys, yet he never has an argument to back this up. I was watching First Take a few days ago and they were talking about Romo’s troubles in the big games, never steps up blah blah blah and Skip Bayless cites one specific game with one specific occasion which was earlier in the season against the 49ers, hardly that big of a game.

Yet take LeBron James. Criticised very similarly to Romo for similar reasons. Bayless is non stop on LeBron’s back for whatever reason. Perhaps LeBron stole a girl from Bayless at a club or something but he has never liked the two time MVP. The difference between James and Romo is that James has given us several moments of big, late game heroics, just those are forgotten. Bayless paid no credit to James’ performances during the Boston and Chicago series where he carried Miami in the clutch. Yet as soon as he was floundering in the Finals Bayless was right back on him. Bayless straight up calls him a choker and all that crap, but if someone where to cite single occasions he would shoot them down. Yet he does the exact same thing with Tony Romo.

Nonetheless, in light of ESPN’s Top 500 NBA Players list, Stephen A Smith and Skip decided to name their top 5s. I was incredibly surprised at what they came up with, especially Steven A who I would have thought would have LBJ in his top 5. Bayless I was not surprised because he’s just an idiot.

Bayless Top 5:

1) Dwyane Wade

2) Kevin Durant

3) Kobe Bryant

4) Dirk Nowitzki

5) Carmelo Anthony

Smith Top 5:

1) Dwyane Wade

2) Kobe Bryant

3) Dwight Howard

4) Dirk Nowitzki

5) Kevin Durant

So the argument of ‘not having done anything’ is often used in sport and often used with LeBron James. Someone please explain to me then what Carmelo Anthony and Kevin Durant have done that LeBron James does not. I also know neither play can pass the ball, neither can play defense and neither is what I would classify as a leader.

Dwyane Wade is a great player but I was very shocked to see both ‘experts’ (I use that term loosely with Bayless) have him as no.1. People so quickly forgot his prolonged mediocre runs in both the regular season and in the first 3 rounds of the playoffs. Yet because he had a couple of good Finals games he is suddenly the best in the world? No.

Dirk Nowitzki is fast becoming more overrated than Derrick Rose. He was AMAZING during the playoffs, especially the Finals. He was on the hottest of all hot streaks and was basically un-guardable over that time. That does not change the fact that he has failed so many times in the past and that he is still a defensive liability.

These top player lists are so contradictory because they have no set criteria. LeBron James is left off the list because of his Finals performance, forgetting the fact he was the main reason they got there. Dirk has one good playoff series and is supposedly a top 5 player. No no no.

My Top 5 List:

1) LeBron James – despite what you want to say about lack of ‘clutch’ and all that rubbish he is clearly the best all round player in the league. He can do more things than anyone else and he does most of those things better than anyone else.

2) Dwyane Wade – the best guard in the game. In my mind better defensively than offensively, and he is probably a top 3 offensive player.

3) Kevin Durant – from here on it is very difficult for me to rank but I will put in Durant because of his incredible potential and limitless offensive ability. He has achieved nothing yet and is a league below Wade and LeBron but a trip to the Finals will make the difference.

4) Dwight Howard/Chris Paul – couldn’t separate the two and there could be another couple of players in this group including Carmelo but we’ll keep it simple. Howard is the best big man. Paul is the best point guard. The two most important positions on the court.

5) Kobe Bryant – out of respect for the great man I will put him here. In fact he is certainly lower and cannot do the things he once could, as is the sadness of ageing, but still has the fire.

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