NBA Lockout News: Kobe Bryant Urging Talks With Italy Says Something

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While everyone else spends their time trying to make inferences from the tidbits of information leaking from the NBA labor negotiations, I figured it would be much easier to tread on the obvious. Kobe Bryant has been in “intense” talks with Virtus Pallacanestro Bolognato to participate in the Italian League while his best bud Derek Fisher is in talks with NBA owners to close in on a possible Collective Bargaining Agreement.

It is fair to say that 95% of basketball fans have accepted the fact that the 2011 NBA season will not begin on time or maybe not even in the year of 2011. However, there seems to be an apparent correlation between Bryant’s “serious” talks with Bolognato and the lack of progression between both sides of the NBA labor dispute.

Bryant can be a man of many words, but his actions of late seem to speak louder than any press conference David Stern can hold.

As one of the most popular and active members of the league, his talks with Bolognato say a lot about the actual distance between what the owners feel they deserve and what the players’ association feel they are obligated. Every day, those not closely involved with the situation listen to television stations repeat the exact same thing day in and day out.

“We’re moving forward. But both sides are still a ways apart.”

As any loyal fan would, many are beginning to feel that each side is simply attempting to save face as the talks delve deeper and deeper into regular season territory. However, watching reports being churned out that Bryant will more than likely play overseas, a man that is undoubtedly well-informed about the current labor problems and any advancement made in that negotiation room, is making some think that there may not be a season at all.

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