David Stern Not Optimistic About CBA Negotiations, Season Put On Hold

When a commissioner comes out of a meeting with a stern look on his face, telling fans to wish for the best and that either side is working as hard as possible to get a deal done, be worried. He is not telling you the truth, only lying to himself to make his statements towards you more believable. When a commissioner comes out of a meeting saying that no one should be the least bit optimistic, you should count on the end of days.

David Stern, after a meeting between both the owners and the players, said that he had no reason to be encouraged about the players’ willingness to move forward with negotiations, as reported by Sports Illustrated.

“I don’t feel optimistic about the players’ willingness to engage in a serious way,” Stern said.

Stern added nothing had changed since the last meeting on June 30, hours before the old collective bargaining agreement expired, and said he doesn’t feel players are bargaining in good faith.

The players, even though they are pointing the finger at the owners, seem a little less reluctant to actual consider some of the changes the owners are proposing. Maybe not all editing options should be adequately explored. Still both sides need to come to the general consensus that things need change, before each runs this league into the ground. The players appear a bit more selfish than NFL players were made out to be.

It amazes me that the football players can walk away from the table getting pounded and receiving weekly concussions for less money, while basketball players cannot give up a few million bucks while risking as much as a sprained ankle. The owners are not the ones coming forth to speak and make the players look bad. Their own president is covering that aspect from all angles.

Derek Fisher, as well versed as he may be in his role, is spouting things that make the players’ union seem unaffected by the financial woes the men who run their teams are experiencing. Not to say that they are suffering in the light of this lockout, because I am more than sure they are still using their diamond encrusted toilets and drinking from solid gold bugles.

However, when taking into account how much the owners are truly losing and will continue to lose if the collective bargaining agreement does not shift, it seems as if the players should be a little more apt to understanding. Not only is this collective bargaining agreement making things more solid for current players, but it will be in place for the future leaguers. How will it be years from now?

Both sides must walk away with a slight pout for there to actually be a good deal on the table. Right now it seems as neither side is ready to make it happen.

So long season.

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