Cleveland Cavaliers’ hire in Wes Wilcox as GM of Newly Acquired D-League Team

Wes Wilcox’s name did not just appear out of thin air. He has been a standing fixture in player development as a part of the Cavaliers’ organization for more than a moment. He was recruited by the franchise prior to the 2003-04 season, but unfortunately cannot add LeBron’s rookie development to his repertoire. He served as New Orleans’ video coordinator James’ rookie season, but was scooped up and away by Cleveland not too long after the season’s end.

Promoting him to the top position for the D-League team seems like a bit of a risky move. Not saying that he could not very well be the man for the job. However, his skills as a player developer are a bit questionable, seeing as how no Cavaliers’ player has genuinely sparked much interest as far as progression. Rookies like Manny Harris have not wowed me throughout the season with the way his form has improved or his ball-handling. As a matter of fact, it seems as if he is super-talented while sitting still.

For a team that puts a high price on player development, promoting Wilcox seems a little unorthodox. But then again, this is Dan Gilbert we are talking about. What about the Cleveland franchise is orthodox?


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