LeBron Was Still 'King James' This Time Last Year

July 8 of last year brought forth a bevy of occasions. The most important would have to be the announcement of the 62nd Primetime Emmy Award Nominations. Joel McHale of NBC’s “Community” and Sophia Vergara of ABC’s “Modern Family” were all ears as their names were called on all of the morning shows. You probably know them. They give off sometimes awkward comedic relief and a bit of sex appeal. At least, Modern Family does.

Several hours later LeBron James was starring in an offseason long sitcom of his own. One that people saw fit to extend through this year’s postseason. It was deemed “The Decision”

After years of his reoccurring role as the last man screaming something riveting on Cleveland’s home game introduction vidreel, James made an announcement that would become more of a running joke than a declaration.

“I will be taking my talents to South Beach.”

It began. The jersey burnings in effigy, the booing and the consistent banter about how much we were wrong in 2003. It all began the moment he made the statement that he would be joining his friend, Dwyane Wade, in Miami. At that point, we all began to question his validity as a league superstar. We scratched our heads in confusion. Not because we felt as if he would never betray his city. It was a wakeup call.

Players were not going to wait for their front offices to give them what they needed anymore. James had given the Cavaliers seven years to put him in touch with a coach and some players that would serve more than spot fillers. He was tired of waiting. So, as previously stated, he took his talents to South Beach.

The hailstorm grew larger than anyone in the entire Miami organization could have predicted. The ridicule sprouted from places where admiration had once lived. Fans began turning their back on someone who they felt had betrayed their hometown. Even though LeBron is from Akron, Cleveland embraced him like a son. That is until he spotted greener pastures on the horizon named Pat Riley, Dwyane Wade and Chris Bosh.

This time last year there were so many stories swirling about what had just happened and how could James do such a thing in live television without informing Cleveland of his decision prior to.

Still, it has been a year since all of this happened. An entire year and people still have not let the past linger where it should lie.

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