Cleveland Cavaliers Play Chicken With Number One Lottery Pick

I have readily voiced my opinion on who the Cleveland Cavaliers should lean towards with their number one pick and that young man is Enes Kanter, who is working out for the team again on Monday. While it seems as if Cleveland has snuggled close to the 6’11 Turkish Center, there is still confusion amongst the men who matter as to who they will ultimately select in that number one position on the draft board.

At least that is what the Cavaliers would like everyone to believe. Using the poker face as the draft nears is a smart move for Cleveland because while Kyrie Irving seemed to be the surefire number on draft pick this year, there are others creeping into the spotlight as options. This not only gives fans a nail biter as the day approaches for the first name to be called, but it also has other teams with top five picks shoveling through their options just in case the Cavaliers snatch ‘their guy’.

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