Dallas Mavericks comeback to beat Miami Heat 86-83, tie NBA Finals

Each of the four games we have seen so far have been so unbelievably similar, it is not surprising we are tied at 2-2.

The series could easily be over right now, and that is in no team’s favour. It has been such an incredibly close opening four games that any scoreline is a possibility.

From a spectacle’s stand point, we couldn’t ask for anything better than a 2-2 series.

If someone asked me who has been the better team so far, I could not answer with any honesty. There has been nothing to separate either team from each other. That is why we are tied at 2-2.

Each team’s captain is leading the way, as it should be, but the remaining 8 players on the court, 22 players in the rotation have struggled to keep up.

Each game has been won by the team who stopped their opponent’s runs the quickest. The series has been built solely upon runs. The Mavericks will start the game on a 15-7 run, then Miami will jump out and hit 10 straight points, then Dallas will claw back in and go on a 12-2 run, then Miami get out in transition and put in a quick 8 points.

It is end to end basketball unlike anything we have seen this season consistently and neither team is giving an inch.

It seems the series is destined to go to 7, unless Miami take game 5.

If Dallas win game 5 the series will go 7. If Miami win game 5 they will finish it in game 6. It is so very hard to predict anything in this series, so I say that with assumed hesitation, but I expect an increase in production from the man this blog revolves around.

LeBron James, other than game 1, has done very little in the series. He made the point and I agree, that he hadn’t made the same headlines on the offensive end but was just as valuable on the defensive end. Still this is LeBron James, the best player in the world and perhaps heir to Michael Jordan’s throne. Anything less than 30 points, 7 rebounds and 7 assists is a bad night for James. Last night he only managed 8 points.

We ignore his 9 rebounds and 7 assists because that is expected. James’ stat stuffing ability has become the backbone to this culture of judging, and it is his own fault.

Despite this, everyone needs to get off the guy’s back. Sure this is the King James Gospel, and most of the stuff covered on this site will tend to be spun positively, but do we really have that short of a collective memory?

If you can, think back to the Bulls series. If you want a real challenge think even further back to the Celtics series. Wade struggled mightily throughout each of these 5 game series. Bosh was his usual inconsistent self, offering a man of the match performance one night and backing it up with a truly forgettable evening. Both these series saw the evolution of LeBron James as a closer, as a player and as a man.

His play was so good he had Scottie Pippen talking about him perhaps being better than Michael Jordan! Yet no one remembers any of this anymore because he’s had a couple of uncharacteristic performances in the Finals.

Sure it’s the Finals, the grandest stage in basketball, but no one remembers they wouldn’t even be there if not for LeBron James. Dwyane Wade has been incredible so far in the series, but his performances against Boston and Chicago had him below Bosh in the pecking order. Yet we never heard a peep of anyone. James assumes his Magic Johnson persona and drops his scoring, mostly because of Dwyane Wade’s outbursts, and everyone is on his back again.

I can’t imagine what it would be like to be LeBron James. I don’t think there has been anyone in history that puts up with more criticism than him. One day he is the best ever, the next he is a choking quitter. One day fans are rallying for his signature, the next they are burning his jerseys in the streets. One day he is closing Boston’s championship window and sending home the MVP, the next he is playing Robin to Dwyane Wade. No matter what LeBron does right, we always find a reason to make it wrong.

There are possibly 3 games left for LeBron to get back into the world’s good books, albeit temporary. Would the real LeBron James please stand up?

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