I feel I am repeating myself

I am running out of excuses and growing very tired of this same old charade.

I will be the first to admit the Heat are still a work in progress and whilst a championship should still be the expectation it should not be seen as a failure if they are unsuccessful. After last night’s performance the questions we had of the Heat, even in the last week, were magnified.

They cannot get it done when it matters.

James and Wade reaped havoc upon Orlando for 3 quarters last night. At one stage they were shooting around 18/20 between them, add to that a perfect 15/15 from the line.

But as soon as the fourth quarter starts a switch is flicked and whatever good Miami had been doing they now find it unusually difficult to get stops and make shots.

Eric Dampier was making shots down the stretch for Miami.

Eric Dampier.

I don’t know if you know a whole lot about Eric Dampier but I can tell you he is not in the NBA for his scoring.

Bibby had a pleasing first three quarters. We then realised what Atlanta were talking about when they said they let him go because he was a defensive liability. He also air balled two 3 pointers.

Last year a single digit deficit against Miami or Cleveland would not have been of too much concern for the fans of those respective teams. They knew James and Wade would at the very least put up a very strong fight.

When the two combined, Miami fans didn’t think they would ever have to worry about their team scoring points again. Nor should they have been worried.

The Heat again drew up a play to give Bosh the game tying/winning attempt, and again it was from 3. Chris Bosh never takes any 3 point attempts during the game, yet the Heat constantly draw up a play for him at the most important period of the game. Is it just me or is that complete lunacy. He is not going to be wide open because you aren’t going to see a double team off an inbound play ever and we’ve seen it so many times this year it’s no longer a surprise.

It’s lunacy. Utter lunacy.

The Heat scrambled and found a wide open LeBron James. James is a rhythm shooter not a stand up and knock them down wide open threat. Nonetheless he again failed with the big shot for the third time in the last week.

For the best player in the league, a very experienced and capable finisher and a simply ridiculous human being, missing the big shot three times in a week is inexcusable.

Whatever it is that is going on in Miami needs to be fixed and it needs to happen quickly.

If Miami find themselves in the playoffs and haven’t improved these horrible late game statistics, do not expect them to make it anywhere near June. Because I can guarantee you there will be plenty more opportunities in the playoffs to screw it up.

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