Wise Words LeBron

As we all know from his antics at the Indians game a few years ago, LeBron is quite an avid Yankees fan. This upset a few people at the time as people declared he wasn’t loyal to his home city, well I’m not going to touch that.

Cliff Lee knows what it’s like to take his talents away from Cleveland, although the wake his departure left was a mere ripple compared to the tsunami of flak that pulverized LeBron. Nonetheless King James was contacted yesterday for his reactions on the former Yank moving to greener pastures, and into a team that has perhaps the best pitcher in the league not to mention a guy named Ryan Howard who may be the most dangerous hitter in the MLB, hmmm…doesn’t this sound kind of familiar.

James said he was happy with Lee’s decision and if Lee had a chance to make a decision for himself and his family that he should take it. This time James picked his words carefully, as anything but would have resulted in another media circus surrounding James’ inability to concede he was wrong and that he is powered by his ego.

A guy named Chris Graham from the Augusta free press highlighted a point I too find interesting and perhaps hypocritical. Cliff Lee leaves the Yankees (a pretty damn good team) for the Phillies (a better team with two of the best if not the best players at their positions in the game) and he is applauded for doing so? Cliff Lee too was a free agent and had every right to walk away and join any team he sought fit under any circumstances for any reason. Again doesn’t this sound kind of familiar.

Now let’s be fair, Cliff Lee isn’t the LeBron James of the MLB, he isn’t a saviour, he isn’t a hometown product who was sensationally drafted to his home team and finally instilling faith back into a desperate yet dying sporting state. Cliff Lee certainly didn’t get an ESPN special, although no one and I mean no one would have watched that. But nonetheless LeBron’s decision to make the exact same, well decision, turned him from the face of the league and perhaps American pro sports, into one of the most hated sports personalities in the world. Cliff Lee has elevated himself from being an ‘Oh yeah he’s pretty good’ kind of player to ‘Yeah he’s going to give the Phillies another Championship’. By that I mean his image has only gone up.

Now, I’m just a white Australian, so I’m in no real position to make this claim, nor do I believe it. Maverick Carter (do not get me started on that guy) said in a press conference that he believes a lot of the criticism on LeBron’s decision to leave Cleveland was because he was black. Carter pulled the racist card. He had no real evidence or proof of this whatsoever and to be completely honest he only further tarnished his terrible image. For he is the man that brought the downfall of LeBron. Him and World Wide Wes. But don’t get me started.

He may have pulled the racist card a little early. Or he may look much smarter than he actually is. Cliff Lee is applauded for his decision to leave. LeBron is booed in every building except the United Center.Perhaps Carter isn’t as stupid as we thought. Nahhh he still is.

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