Cavs Lose Again...Surprise

Here we go again. I feel like there isn’t a whole lot left for me to say. I said it all last night.

I cannot stand sitting here and watching a team that just does not have the desire to compete on a nightly basis. To be outscored 58-28 in the paint is just proof of their lack of will and desire to play the game of basketball. And, perhaps, worse than that, they mustered up a miserable eleven assists on the evening.

JJ Hickson contributed yet another near useless effort, scoring nine points while allowing an estimated 20-25. And Mo Williams may have been the only one that was worse than that. He contributed an eight points effort (or lack thereof) while getting torched by Russell Westbrook, Nick Collison and just about everyone else he guarded throughout the night. It was a joke, really.

I know I praised him a little bit last night, but Manny Harris was horrible. His efficiency rating (-27) was miserable in his 15:00 of play. Translation: the Cavs were outscored by 27 points in the 15:44 that Harris was on the floor.

The only three guys, like normal, that should have bothered showing up tonight were Antawn Jamison, Daniel Gibson and Anderson Varejao. And even those guys weren’t that great tonight. Gibson managed only two points in the second half but, to be fair, he played great on the defensive end. Anderson Varejao snagged nine offensive rebounds, 16 on the evening. And Jamison only came up with eight points in what was a miserable shooting performance. But he was one of two Cavaliers to post a positive efficiency rating. Rare.

Miami is up next. Let’s see if we can’t go out and get embarrassed again on Wednesday night. Wahoo!

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  • Super K

    There tough to watch Cody. I don’t want to see another blow out tonight. Just when I think its rock bottom….. On a brighter side, you should read the Optimist arcticle on the Cavs sight. Its hilarious and brought me out of the trenches. Maybe it will do the same for you.

    Happy Holidays!

  • Cody Norman

    They really are tough to watch these days. I’ve never seen such a lack of emotion coming from a Cleveland sports franchise. At least the Indians, who are miserable in their own right, try every night.

    Anyways, I just read the Optimist article on I’m not used to the O not being around quite as much this year. But that one was definitely enough to “gird up” for tonight’s game. I mean, he GUARANTEEING a win!

    Happy Holidays to you as well. And, as always, thanks for reading and writing in.

  • Jason

    Maybe that’s why LeBron left….

    • Cody Norman

      Thank you for all of your valuable additions to the conversation. We welcome you, Jason, as yet another Cleveland hater.