Cavs Get ‘Pop’ped in San Antonio

Sorry about the lateness of this game reaction but I fell asleep shortly after the game ended. Possibly because there was very little to get excited about. And, thus, I struggled to even get through the entire game before falling asleep.

Cleveland’s bench is incredible. They are the most effective reserves in the league and tossed in another 47 point performance on Saturday night. Unfortunately, for the first time this season, they were outscored 54-47 in the contest and dropped their second game in as many nights, 116-92.

Mo Williams played great on the offensive end. He was 9-of-15 from the floor for 21 points and handed out six assists. But that was where the scoring stopped for the Cavalier starters. The other four (Varejao, Parker, Hickson and Moon) were a combined 11-of-29 from the floor with a mere 24 points. 24 points from four starters! I’ve talked a lot about this season being a complete team effort and 24 total points from four guys in your starting five is not going to cut it. It’s as simple as that.

On a positive note, the Cavaliers continue to get very solid contributions from Daniel Gibson and Antawn Jamison. Gibson was 6-of-10from the floor for 17 points. The bad news: Gibson’s scoring output only broke even with his efficiency rating (-17). He did not play a very solid game on the defensive side. (To be fair, nobody really played that great defensively). Antawn Jamison had similar fate as his point total (12) was a hair less than his efficiency rating (-14).

Ryan Hollins played well when he wasn’t trying to take off Tiago Splitter’s head. He had six points and four rebounds before being ejected from the game after a Flagrant-2 foul for spiking Splitter’s noggin. I will say, though, that his play was the only one that got me out of my seat on Saturday night. I like to see a guy go hard. If it means being ejected from the game, so be it.

The Cavaliers will attempt to get back on track on Tuesday night as they take on the Indiana Pacers for the second time this season. A little more offensive production from the starting five and more consistency on the defensive end, and this team has a shot to be special. We’re not that far away, Cleveland fans.

Don’t stop believin’.

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  • Super K

    Cody, you are losing some of your credibility with me each time you use a word like great, incredible, or special when commenting on the current Cavaliers. There is nothing about this team that brings those words to mind.
    What happened to Hickson? He started off dominant and now isn’t even one of the top players on the floor? Moon shouldn’t start for any NBA team. Good guy, better chearleader from the bench. And then there is AP. Hope he plays well enough to be decent trade value. He is done.
    Still rooting for them but not with my eyes wide shut.

  • Cody Norman

    Super K: While I will agree with you that the team, as a whole, has been far short of incredible. But they weren’t even supposed to be 5-7 at this point in the season. Heck, they were picked to win about 12 game all season!

    Some individual contributions, in my eyes, have been special this season. We no longer have that big gun to take down opponents on his own in the final quarter. We have a group of guys who, like you said, probably wouldn’t start on any other team in the NBA. That is what makes a guy like Daniel Gibson — someone who barely got a shot to play last season — special to me.

    I am getting equally frustrated with JJ Hickson. He, too, has had a couple great performances this season. But I have never been a big fan of the guy. He’s good for highlight reel dunks from time to time. But he’s an undeniable handicap on defense and in the rebounding department. I see no reason why he should be playing as much as he does; other than the fact that we have no one else to fill his shoes.

    Great, incredible and special this season are words with potential. I’m not foolish enough to actually believe this team can challenge for an NBA championship. But I am trying to keep everyone positive. We’re still young. And, with an additional playmaker, this team could be good in a few years.

  • Super K

    I said whats up with Hickson, I, in no way, want to get rid of him or wonder why he gets the minutes he does. He gets the minutes cause he is the only player on the Cavs that has a chance to be a real force. Get rid of AP, Moon, and a few others but please give Hickson all the minutes he can take and don’t get rid of him at this point. If the Cavs have any chance to be good, he has to be good. He is rebounding and is showing a little fight tonight while they are embarrassing themselves against the Pacers

  • Super K

    And, forget the naysayers, we believe they can win more than 12 games, maybe a 500 team. Lets hold them to that standard and not being saying how incredible they are at 5-7!

  • Cody Norman

    I don’t know, Super K. I’m not sure that JJ Hickson can be nearly as good as everyone seems to think. I just don’t see the same potential, I guess. I still see a sub-par power forward that is best suited for a bench role. Similar minutes to someone like James Posey.

    You’re right. I will start holding them to a much higher standard than their 5-7 start. Last night’s game was an absolute joke!