LeCoward Disproves Loyalty

Dear LeBron,

I hate your stinking guts; you make me vomit. You’re scuuuum between my toes.

Love, The city of Cleveland


For so long Squire James has preached the value of loyalty.  He has said over and over – and, in fact, claimed to be “loyal” again on Thursday night – that the word is the most important thing to him.  He promised to bring a championship to the city of Cleveland and vowed to never give up until his goal was reached.

With Thursday night’s decision, James shocked the city of Cleveland and exposed himself as a quitter, a liar, a traitor and just another arrogant, egotistical athlete.  He then proceeded to thank the entire Cleveland organization and fan base for allowing him the opportunity to “share his talents” with the franchise for the last seven years.  And to that, I say Thanks for nothing, LeCoward.

Yes, he has provided the franchise with highlight after highlight, dunk after dunk.  But with the same end result: loss after loss.  He’s a winner; not a champion.  And his legacy will be forever tarnished – in Cleveland and throughout the NBA.  He preaches team over individual.  Yet he thrusts himself into the spotlight whenever he gets an opportunity and makes everything about LeBron.

He took the easy way out.  And, for that, his legacy will forever be tarnished.  Farewell, LeBron.

Stay tuned for Patrick Allen’s take on this decision.  I’m at a loss for words tonight.


With the recent decision of LeBron James, FanSided will be looking for a new name for this blog.  Ideas can be emailed to [email protected]  Contest winner will take home some great FanSided prizes – possibly including tickets to a Cavaliers home game next season.

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  • http://gunaxin.com Ben

    How’s this for a name… right there in your headline: LeCoward!

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  • Bob

    I mean that is a little harsh. He played 7 years in Cleveland and helped them do things they never have done. Just because he is a local hero does not mean he has to stay there. He can do whatever he wants and his legacy isn’t tarnished. If anything, he will have more championships. All the greats had amazing players around them. You can’t expect LeBron to win with mediocre talent at best around him.

  • LeCoward James

    LeCoward should do what other dishonored leaders of the past have done, and commit Japanese ritual suicide. Maybe he will, after a few more playoff chokes in Miami. Pat Riley might even hand him the dagger and order him to commit seppuku.

  • Sean Carlos

    Cody, I understand you pain. And I’ll have to say that based on the events I could not see him destroying his brand and spitting in the face of Cavs fans on national tv in an event that was arranged by he himself.

    I thought he wanted to be the King and a billionare, why would he defer to a superteam where his personal brand would be hurt and he would become the big villain of the NBA? Maybe I was spoiled by Jordan. When he lost in the playoffs he said he had to work harder. And preached that he had to put in overtime work so he could handle the pressure of being who he was, and so that he’d be ready to carry the team (which he did many many times without complaint). He spoke constantly about wanting to be in that position, and how he worked to make sure he had the endurance to do it. Even when he was very ill and sick during a finals game he STILL carried the team to victory. This is a winner and worthy of worship. You guys got caught in the hype of him being that guy, but he never was. We all did.

    I have to say that I’ll be rooting for the Cavs now, and I applaud the owner for taking Cavs fans on his back and putting that statement out there. You all needed this anger to be released in someway. Sorry you had to go through this, the sports world feels your pain.

    • http://www.cavfanatic.com/cnorman2?pref_tab=my_site Cody Norman

      Bob- I don’t think it’s harsh at all. Spitting in Cleveland’s face on national TV the way he did is “harsh”. His brand and his reputation are tarnished throughout the league.

      LeCoward- I won’t condone such violence on this site but let’s just say it wouldn’t bother me a bit.

      Sean Carlos- I appreciate the sympathy and your understanding the pain of Cleveland fans through all of this. But that’s the life of a Cleveland sports fan. I’m not old enough to remember The Drive or The Shot. But I now have two more “curses” of my own to remember: The Choke and The Backstab. I can’t wait to gather up all the comments from Dan Gilbert and the rest of the league so I can put together a piece about how everyone feels about that scum bag – it’s not just Cavs fans feeling sorry for themselves.

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  • http://sidelionreport.com ZS

    LeBron may be moving South but his mom is riding West!