LeTool: LeBron To Announce Decision In 1 Hour TV Special

Cleveland Cavaliers LeBron James listens to questions during the post game press conference after losing to the Boston Celtics in game 5 of the second round of the NBA Playoffs in Cleveland on May 11, 2010. UPI/David Richard Photo via Newscom

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It is like an After School Special for millionaires.

LeBron James is going to FINALLY announce what team he is signing with on Thursday during a 1 hour TV special according to ESPN.com

The specifics are still up in the air but apparently LeBron’s people contacted ESPN about getting a special set up for Thursday.

What does it mean? Do these events give us a clue to what LeBron is going to do?

Not so much.

I would have never, ever guessed that LeBron would do something like this. I have been thinking about it for well over an hour now and I can not see any advantage, other than even more attention, for LeBron to do this.

I have written here before that if LeBron leaves the Cavs he will be the most hated sports figure in Cleveland history. Well, if LeBron leaves Cleveland and rubs it in their faces by announcing on prime time cable TV, it will be the height of assholishness.

If I had to make a guess, I would say that LeBron is staying. He may be doing this to launch sort of new company or to help his friends failing marketing venture. I don’t know. He may go on ESPN Thursday and announce some great charity initiative he is starting in Cleveland. Maybe he is actually doing this to benefit someone other than himself.

He might be. He better be.

Because simply put, having a 1 hour TV special to announce what team you are going to sign with is simply a selfish, toolbag type of move. How can you do something like that and avoid having people thinking you are an inflated egomaniac?

I am a Cavs fan. I want LeBron to stay for Cleveland, but this better be good or I will have a hard time not continuing to call him “LeTool.”

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  • Sean Carlos

    lol…LeTool. Yeah, I can’t gather my head around this one either. The whole thing reeks of egotistical narcissism. And his ‘buddies’ get to see ad space that will go toward the “Boys and Girls Club” (after they pay themselves first). This is a whole-lotta ‘me first’ and “I” before “team”.

    After seeing the movie and watching the Calvs presentation I couldn’t see him tearing the heart outta Calvs fans. But its rumored that there is going to be a third meeting in New York tomorrow to hammer out details. Chris Bosh tweeted that “today is a GREAT day”. Perhaps he got the deal done with a sign and trade w/ the Calvs? Even though he said after those reports that he didn’t want to go to Cleveland.

    All in all, an hour special just to say he’s resigning with Cleveland. He will look like the ultimate douch. Why does it take a whole hour to say “I’m staying home”? Unless he’s going to give a powerpoint presentation as to why he chose to stay at home. But that reason would be obvious.

    This boggles the mind… Rose doesnt want to play with James so I know he’s not coming to the Chi. I’m starting to think I was right in the first place. You’d convinced me that he may be a special athlete and stay in Cleveland, but it may turn out that this IS all about his brand. He may wind up in New York : /

  • Sean Carlos

    On second thought, why would he hold a news conference to tell the world that he’s ripping the heart out of Cleveland fans? He’s probably going to talk about how much the fans mean to him, and the city of Ohio…and all that crap. No way he leaves Cleveland and makes an hour special about it. No way. Plus his boys are donating to the Boys and Girls Clubs.. probably in Ohio. And his new website talks about how he wants to help the community.

    He stays.

    • Patrick Allen

      I feel the same way. If he leaves via TV special I think he is a giant asshole.

      The news of Bosh and Wade going to Miami makes me think LBJ is staying. Bosh must know.

  • Sean Carlos

    Again, I want to come back and say “James Stays in Cleveland”. The fact that this has been planned, and the details, help me to understand how this campaign has been planned all along. The Witness campaign will be bolstered 10Xs when he stays in Cleveland. The people in Cleveland have been put on display (and other cities too), as they beg for him to stay. Cleveland showing they have the most to lose. And there is enough drama for an entire movie, including James address being put out there public for the nation to see.

    When he announces that he’s staying in Cleveland, the people there will celebrate as if Christ himself came back from the dead. This is why they have been polling Clevelanders as to where they’ll be, and setting up live cameras. In the end, I was right in the begining… he does this to increase his brand. And all he then has to do is deliver a championship. The league benefits. He stays with Cleveland.