More Than a Player, More Than a Franchise

Big news: LeBron is not expected to pick a team by Monday.  C’mon, you didn’t really think he was going to let the LeBron-a-Palooza end so soon.  Did you? 

James gave each of the six teams in pursuit of his services – Cleveland, Chicago, Los Angeles, Miami, New York and New Jersey – a chance to make separate sales pitches and convince him that their city, their franchise was the best place for him to be.  Some teams attempted to sell the King on their luxurious city nightlife while others came in with a more business-like approach and focused solely on the tradition of their franchise (obviously a much better move when you consider that winning is more important to LeBron).

The Cavaliers, however, took a completely different road.  Represented by new GM Chris Grant, Majority Owner Dan Gilbert, Assistant GM Lance Blanks and new coach Byron Scott, the Cavs turned their focus to a more personal, much deeper sales pitch.  The team showed an animated video made in the style of Family Guy – one of James’ favorite TV shows – that included multiple inside jokes and locker room humor that was, without a doubt, meant to depict the Cleveland organization as the King’s extended family.

James took a look at a video (a brief segment is posted at the bottom of this story) that focused on seven key concepts:  Home, Winning, Authentic, Mission, Partnership, Commitment and Community.  It depicted James as “More Than a Player” and was intended to show James how much he means to the franchise, the city of Cleveland and the state of Ohio.  Fans lined the streets, threw powder in the air and showered James with chants of “Noah Sucks! Noah Sucks!”  (Yes, I am serious.  I probably would have gone with something more along the lines of “M-V-P!” or “You’re Our King!”.  But that’s what they went with).

There isn’t a whole lot left for the Cleveland organization to say.  Gilbert and his staff have made their sales pitch over the last seven years.  They were given an underachieving franchise with selfish players and a poor reputation throughout the league. But they have built this franchise into something special – a kingdom, if you will – that is fit for a King.

If he leaves now, it’s not because the Cavaliers and/or the city of Cleveland didn’t do enough.  So there should be no regrets in that regard.

May the best franchise win.

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  • Sean Carlos

    Thats it. The last bit of respect I had for the city of Cleveland is gone. I’ll admit, before this process..I didn’t know much about Clevend. I’ve been there briefly, but never got to know the sentiment.

    Now, all respect is gone. This process has shown me that this city is nothing without this guy. That video was a completely depressing pitty party of desperation. I have zero respect for the entire situation, and if he stays…. Cleveland will have had it’s begging fest on display, and LeBron can smile knowing he had this city pretty much on it’s knees, with kneepads.

    I mean, what ‘King’ treats his subjects this way? Making them beg and show the world how much they need him? Letting them embarass themselves.

    I do think he’ll stay there because how can you walk away from the idea that the city will take a collective cyanide pill if you leave?

  • Sean Carlos

    Ok, Ok..I’ll admit, I was hating on that video and Cleveland because after watching that, I can’t see how this guy leaves the Cavs. I also just watched “More than a Game”, and he really is excited about putting Ohio on the map. And how could he leave the fans there? They eat, sleep, and breath LBJ.

    And Chicago fans would’ve done the same thing if Jordan grew up here, and played for the Bulls. If he’d threaten to leave, the city would’ve marched in the streets.. …. and riots would’ve taken place with just the thought of him leaving in his prime.

    LBJ stays. Congrats. I’m not going to wish you luck in the season though, I still want you to go down in flames! : )

    • Cody Norman

      Fair enough. Haha! I am actually getting ready to sit down and watch More Than a Game tonight – believe it or not, I haven’t seen it yet.

      The word on the street now is that Cleveland may land Bosh, too. The only thing I don’t like about it is giving up Anderson Varejao. I’m a HUGE Andy fan!

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  • Beth Mahoney

    I think Lebron should stay in Cleveland, but, if he goes to Miami that team is going to be a force. With D Wayde, and now some of the other acquisitions they have made , if you add King James to that lineup they are going to be sick! As a Heat fan I would love for him to come here..

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