Is Scott the Key That Locks Up the King?

The big news for the Cavaliers today is that Byron Scott was officially named the head coach of our beloved ballers.  Scott played 14 NBA seasons, primarily with the Los Angeles Lakers, where he was a part of three championship winning teams.  He has coached 12 seasons in the NBA, ten of which he has served as a head coach.  In his second and third seasons as a head coach for the New Jersey Nets, Scott coached a team quarterbacked by Jason Kidd to back-to-back Finals appearances.  He moved on to the New Orleans Hornets after being fired in Jersey and had an extremely successful tenure given the team he coached.

And more importantly than all of that, Byron Scott mentioned today in his press conference that he will not shy away from his roots and he will continue to play a fast-paced style of basketball.  Why is that important?  Well, there’s this guy (I’m sure you’ve heard of him) that goes by the name of LeBron James that just so happens to be one of the best transition scorers in the entire league.  The problem was, Mike Brown is/was not a run-and-gun type of coach – thus, LeBron didn’t get quite as many opportunities to run the floor.  Are you starting to see the connection?  While LeBron has been meeting with countless franchise executives over the last two days, the Cleveland Cavaliers have been doing their talking in the front office.  Byron Scott is not only a tremendous coach in his own right.  But Byron Scott is just the guy that could push LeBron James to that next level.  

I can see it now: LeBron James playing a fast-paced style of basketball, spreading the floor, finding open shooters and throwing down a variety of vicious jams.  Well, he kind of already does that doesn’t he?  Yes, he does.  But he’s only able to get out in transition after a theft or something of the sort – which, is really not that often.  However, under Coach Scott, LeBron could go from regular season MVP to Finals MVP all the while averaging a triple double.  In my dreams, right?  I may be stretching the reality just a little bit.  But it isn’t all that crazy to believe someone like LeBron could average a triple-double in this league under the right scheme.  Could Byron Scott be that guy?

Stay tuned for more.

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  • Sean Carlos

    Showtime. I’ll admit, Byron Scott is a great option (considering whats available). I would hope that LeBron doesn’t have to average a triple double. Thats a lot of wear and tear.

    Its strange that now that Dwayne Wade asked for a second meeting, people in Chicago are starting to say they’d rather have Wade than LeBron. On two sports stations here they’ve been arguing against LeBron. Some aren’t LeBron fans, and they’ve come out to say that LeBron is too arrogant, and like to dance too much. And they’re more into serious ball players like Jordan and Isiah Thomas.

  • Cody Norman

    Wow- I can’t imagine anyone wanting Wade over LeBron. I mean, honestly, Wade is a great player; no doubt. But James is in a class all to himself in this group of free agents. Chicago would be crazy to take Wade over him.

    What’s your take?

    • Sean Carlos

      A lot of people are very high on Rose’s potential, and they want a player that would compliment his skills. And the people who would want Wade over LeBron are in the minority, even though Wade is the hometown guy. But at the same time, because he’s a hometown favorite that makes more people okay with him over LeBron.

      My take is that LeBron can potentially be a top 3 player of all time. And possibly 2nd, or even 1st. He has that potential, and Wade has 3 more decent years before his decline, and he won’t be top 3.

      So, I’d take LeBron over Wade if I had to choose.

      Its a strange situation b/c I’d feel for Cleveland fans. I couldn’t imagine us losing Jordan in his prime. We would’ve got over it, but its a different story in Cleveland. There more to be lost there. I think he’ll stay in Cleveland though.

  • Cody Norman

    You are absolutely correct, Sean Carlos. I think Chicago would have gotten over it had Jordan left in his prime. But Cleveland has not won a team championship in more than 45 years – every little sting feels like somebody’s just twisting the knife now. We’ve been let down by star player after star player and we honestly believe that LeBron loves us as much as we love him. If he proves us wrong, we may never get over it.

  • Sean Carlos

    “Sources say LeBron plans to wait until after 3-day Nike camp in Akron is over to announce decision. Ends Wed. nite”

    So what will you do if he decides to sign with a new team? What do you think will happen in Cleveland?

  • Cody Norman

    Well, I’d have to start by thinking of a new name for this site! Haha. I’m not sure what I’ll do. It will be a painful day; that’s for sure.

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