When Mo Gets His Groove Back So Will The Cavs

Last nights Cleveland win over the Charlotte New Orleans Hornets was refreshing but it wasn’t pretty. The Cavs continued to be out of synch as they

Mo needs to get his groove back.

struggle to adjust to the return of Mo Williams to the starting lineup and the integration of Antawn Jamison.

Jamison seems to be settling in pretty well. He made his first start for the  Cavs last night, going 7 of 14 for a healthy 18 points, adding 6 rebounds and 2 steals. You can already see the chemistry starting to build. This was especially evident when a fast breaking Lebron dished a beautiful no look pass to Jamison who slammed down a one handed dunk. While Jamison was hanging on the rim, Anderson Varejao swooped in and lifted him off the hoop, setting him down and patting him on the head.

No the problems coming on the offensive end seem to be coming from Mo Williams. Mo just hasn’t settled into a rhythm yet. In the 4 games since he returned to the lineup, Williams has gone 9 for 33 from the field, 7 for 20 from beyond the arch. He is also averaging only 7.5 points per game, which is down significantly from his season average of 16.1.

The addition of Jameson has meant that the Cavs are still scoring quite a bit of points and while I think their defense has been sloppy as of late, it can’t help that Mo isn’t knocking down his shots at his normal rate. These extra misses are giving the opposition more opportunities to put points on the board.

While it may be tempting for Mike Brown to use more of Daniel Gibson while Mo is struggling, I think he is making the right call by allowing Williams to work through it. Williams is usually more consistent than Gibson and the Cavs are going to need him come playoff time. While it would have been nice to beat Orlando for a 3rd time or to not fall to the Nuggets again, the Cavs need to get themselves right for a championship run.It may take some time but don’t panic. The Cavs will be back on track soon.

Unfortunately for Lebron and the Cavs, there will be no rest for the weary as the team will travel to Boston on Thursday for a date with the Celtics, followed by a trip to Toronto the following night.

I am pretty sure that as soon as Mo gets his groove back, so will the Cavs. Let’s just hope Mo decides Thursday is the day to groove on.

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