4 Bold (and 1 Not-so Bold) Predictions for 2010

With the NBA pre-season set to kick off later this month my eyes are already set on the  regular season. With that being said I’m making 4 Bold (and 1 Not-so Bold) Predictions for the Cavaliers 2009-2010 season.

1. Danny Ferry will win NBA Executive of the Year: If Ferry’s offseason moves to bring Shaq, Moon, Parker and Powe didn’t make him a favorite to win the award already, Ferry will up the ante when he makes a mid-season move to bring in another All-Star player. It looks as though Ferry’s plan could be to deal Zydrunas Ilgauskas during the season in hopes of acquiring a All-Star calibur player.

2. LeBron will win the 2010 Slam Dunk Contest in Dallas: The L-Train has arrived in Dallas. After LeBron preliminarily committed to the contest in Phoenix last year there’s not a doubt in my mind that LeBron will win the 2010 Sprite Slam Dunk Contest. If LeBron follows through on his word, we could all be WITNESS to what may be the greatest Slam Dunk Contest in NBA history.

3. The Cavs will beat the Lakers in LA on Christmas: A Cavalier win in LA on Christmas could quite possibly be the best present I get this year. I’ve stressed how much Shaq will improve the Cavaliers in the paint and we should see O’Neals effectiveness on Christmas day. Last season O’Neal averaged 20 ppg against the Lakers in 3 games when Cavaliers centers averaged only 16 ppg in two games. In two games against the Lakers last season the Cavaliers were outscored in the paint 66-32, a statistic that O’Neal should greatly improve. The Lakers will be forced to pick their poison, get beat inside by Shaq or get beat by LeBron, period. Either way, LeBron and Shaq should bring home a pretty nice present for the city of Cleveland.


4. LeBron will win MVP (again): Many people think that LeBron’s chances of taking home the MVP trophy this year are quite slim. I however, tend to disagree. After acquiring Shaquille O’Neal earlier this offseason the Cavaliers now have a dominant force in the paint. Now that LeBron has a strong post player it should give him a better number of open shots and when he is being double teamed look for LeBron to find the Big Diesel in the paint for the assist. I think LeBron could quite possibly average a triple-double in 2010 now that he has a go-to man in the post.

5. The Cavaliers will win the 2010 NBA Championship: This prediction is not-so bold considering that the Cavaliers are ESPN’s preseason favorite to take the East. After King James and the Cavaliers failed to reach the NBA finals last season, the King will be looking for redemption. The offseason acquisitions of O’Neal, Parker, Moon, and Powe combined with the already talented Cavaliers roster forms what is argueably the most talented team in the NBA. Look for the Cavs to beat the Lakers in 6 games to take home the gold.

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  • ben

    Shaq’s game doesn’t compliment LeBron’s. Either Shaq and his man will be clogging the lane – where LeBron does most of his scoring – or Shaq will have to stand 20 feet away to give LeBron room in the post. Shaq is useless outside of 8 feet, so LeBron better get a jumper. And on defense Shaq couldn’t guard the pick and roll when he was 25 and that’s how Cleveland lost to Orlando last year.

    The Lakers easily beat Cleveland in both games last year, well beyond the margin that Shaq had over Cleveland’s center’s last year. It will be ugly next season.

  • http://pacmanjonesin.com Drew

    Interesting…and likely overly optimistic. I’d say you’ll go 1 for 5 on your predictions (maybe 2 for 5). #2 is almost a lock and you might be right with #4 too.

    We shall see though…

  • http://fullyclips.com Short White Boy

    Sadly, as great a job as Danny Ferry did, I doubt he wins Exec of the Year ‘cuz the team did so well last year (66-16) that it’s hard to imagine their win total will improve much in the regular season. Unless the team is beating everyone by 15+ points or they end up winning more than 70 games, I think Ferry will be outta luck.

    Bizarrely enough (and no this ain’t just me pimpin’ my FullyClips.com), I think the Clippers or like the Wizards have the best chance at winning the award ‘cuz they both sucked so much last year, and thus they’re likely to have a bigger jump in success during the regular season.

  • http://kingjamesgospel.com MK Snyder

    I think that if the Cavaliers win the NBA Championship then Danny Ferry would have to be a lock for the executive of the year award. Unless The Clippers were to meet them in the Championship. Bringing a Championship to Cleveland will be the first one in 46 years, and Ferry would be partly responsible for doing just that.

  • http://Yahoo.com Gabriel C Jones

    With Cavs obtaining 12 new people and a roster of 20 people while other teams include only 15 people the NBA will give Cavs a freeby NBA title in 2010. Their roster includes
    Lebron James,Shaquille O’neal,Mo Williams,Leon Powe,Jamario Moon,Anthony Parker,Russell Robinson,Daniel Green,Andre Barrett,JJ Hickson,Coby Karl,Rob Kurz,Delonte West,Jawad Williams,Luke Nevill,Zydrunas Ilgaskus,Darryl Watkins,Daniel Gibson,Darnell Jackson,Anderson Varajao
    Not only that CAVs still arent finished with their shopping list. They’re still trying to get Amari stoudemire and Lamar Odom.