Eyenga Resigns with Spain

Almost a week after the NBA Summer League wrapped up in Vegas, Cavs first round pick Christian Eyenga has reportedly decided to resign with DKV Joventut out of Spain. Eyenga has said to have signed a 3 year contract with the Spanish Club.

Really this comes to no surprise to me. The Cavaliers drafted Eyenga with the 30th overall pick in the 2009 draft. It is clear that when GM Danny Ferry took a chance on Eyenga he was looking for Eyenga to be more of an impact in the future. Eyenga had a decent showing in Las Vegas during the NBA Summer League, but it is clear that Eyenga still has a lot of maturing to do.

Really this comes to no surprise to me. Danny Ferry reached for Eyenga and took a huge risk by drafting him. When you go out and draft a European player that late in the draft (30th overall) you will most likely expect them to spend the next couple seasons overseas.

Yeah, Eyenga played well in the Summer League but  it wasn’t enough to ensure him a spot on Cleveland’s roster. Which is most likely the reason why the Cavaliers have signed free agent, Jamario Moon, to an offer sheet.

In this case I would’ve rather have seen Eyenga be signed to a small 2 year deal to play in the D-League rather than in Spain. I think that the talent in the D-League resembles the talent in the NBA much more than it does in Europe. By signing with a Spanish Club the Cavaliers will now have to either wait until Eyenga’s three year contract expires, or the Cavs will have to buyout his contract.

Do you think Eyenga will have an impact on the Cavaliers in the future or will he be another overseas bust?

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