Crawford Dunks On LeBron: The Video

We’ve all heard the stories of how Xavier basketball player, Jordan Crawford, had dunked on LeBron at his Skill Academy a couple weeks back. Nike did their best to confiscate the evidence of the event, but apparently someone captured the dunk on mobile phone camcorder, and thanks to TMZ the world now has proof that LeBron James is human.

To be honest, I dont see what the big deal is. It’s not like LeBron has never gotten dunked on before. Jordan Crawford even said that LeBron didn’t think he was going to dunk it and LeBron jumped late. I’m not trying to take any credit from Crawford, but it happens. Hell, even Shaq gets dunked on from time to time and if all you have on LeBron is getting dunked on then I’ll take it.

Hopefully now that a video has been released Nike will grow a pair and release the confiscated videos. It’s nice that a video is out now, but the quality of the video doesn’t do it any justice.

I hope that since there is a video out now that people lay off LeBron, I mean the guy got dunked on, it’s not like he raped a girl.

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  • Zach

    Exactly! Nike did more damage not releasing than just letting people see the dunk.

    I think it helps Crawford out with his career and does nothing really to LeBron. Nike has ended up hurting his image more than helping it.

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  • KING

    It was nike that took it get off lebron!!!!! it wasnt even his doiG! i repeat it was nike so shut up!!!!! and stop h8n on lebron wen its his team that suckss u know that!!!!! stop h8n so much jus cause u not in the nba GET A LIFE!!!!!!!!

  • Lawrence

    LeBron was just being lazy on defense and got unlucky, nothing more. Nice dunk though.

  • Lawrence

    LeBron was just being lazy on defense and got unlucky, nothing more. Nice dunk though. (Duplicate message because the link to my website didn’t register.)

  • Zach

    @Lawrence, exactly my point. Everyone has been dunk on before…

  • Ethan

    Yeah, he was being lazy on defense. I don’t think it’s a big deal.

  • dave

    it isn’t a big deal….and it wasn’t nike’s idea it was lebron’s idea to take the tape….problem was not nike it was lebron who made something small into a big deal….sour grapes if u ask me. dont be so sensitive lebron.

  • Zach

    If it was 100% LeBron then I fault him too. I think it was a combo of the two. But it was just a bad idea.

  • Daryl

    LeBron was on the side of the basket and jumped late. No biggie. However according to Ryan Miller the guy who recorded the original footage, the odds are that LeBron was probably the one who instigated the confiscation fiasco.