Szczerbiak Turns Down Spain...For Now

Plain Dealer:

A Spanish Web site reported that Cavs free-agent wing Wally Szczerbiak has turned down a contract offer from Real Madrid of the Euroleague. His father played professionally in Spain and currently works as a scout for Spanish teams in the U.S.

Wally Szczerbiak has, for now, decided not to go play in Europe and wait to see if an NBA team has anything to offer him. Wally still believes he can compete in the NBA and he should be able to find a team that believes in him. Especially if he is looking to take a significant pay cut from his millions he made last season riding the Cavs bench. If he doesn’t find a deal in the NBA or wants to make more money he will definitely be playing oversees. Like I said Wally still has some basketball left in him it just depends if others think he can still contribute to their team.

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  • Matt Snyder

    I really hope that Wally resigns with the cavs, for now. Unless we sign another shooter.

  • Zach

    I am just not sure that he has it in him anymore. His shooting is not as good as it used to be an he is going to be year older on an already slow body. His 3% was up from his career average but we need a big that is more active rebounding and defending.