Is Mo Pulling for Lamar?

Earlier today Mo Williams expressed his interest in Lakers forward, Lamar Odom, via Twitter. The Lakers recently pulled their $27 Million dollar offer from Odom, and it’s no secret that the Cavaliers are shopping around for a forward that can shoot the ball. The latest news from Cleveland is that the Cavs are currently looking into signing Rob Kurz, a free agent forward who spent last season with the Golden State Warriors.

It’s clear that Odom would be a great fit in Cleveland and could potentially be the new starter at PF. However, there is only one problem. Lamar Odom is a bit on the expensive side. Last year Odom earned $14 Million from the Lakers and will most likely be looking to sign for somewhere around that amount. Sadly, the Cavaliers only have about $4 Million left of the MLE. Although a deal is unlikely, the only way the Cavs would be able to bring Odom to Cleveland would be via sign and trade.

  • Drew

    Rob Kurz?? Are they really? C’mon Ferry: Matt Barnes would be a much better player for the Cavs

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  • Zach

    Lamar is now rumored to be possibly going back to Miami. Seems like this guy is set on getting paid for what could be his last “big” contract.

  • Zach

    @Drew I’m not sold on Kruz either but maybe they are looking at another big that can shoot. He has a little range and can rebound the ball, but your right about this guy not really helping us when a championship.