Cavs to Workout May

It seems like the Cavaliers are on the hunt for a backup Power Forward. This weeks prey, former Tar Heel Sean May. The Cavaliers are planning to workout May after seeing him in Las Vegas for the NBA’s Summer League.

May seems like he would be a good fit in Cleveland. He has great touch for a big man and has a knack for securing the rebounds. May is a former 1st rounder who’s string of injuries has limited his success in the NBA. In recent years, May has been a bit on the heavy side. But reports out of Las Vegas say that May seems to be in the best shape of his career.

There’s no doubt that if (big IF) the Cavaliers were to sign May, that it would be a huge risk. However, May would have a lot of upside. It’s not a question of whether or not May has first round talent, it’s whether or not he can stay healthy enough to put that talent to use.

If May’s workout goes well, there’s a good chance he’ll be in Wine and Gold for 2009. The Cavs are in need for a backup PF, especially one who can shoot the ball as well as May can. Hickson will be a solid NBA player, but needs more time to mature and improve his game. In the meantime May could fill that void on Cleveland’s bench.

  • Rich, Tokyo

    Here’s a trade idea, sign Szczerbiak to a big one year deal (Cavs have bird rights and money isn’t an issue),

    So Szczerbiak and Hickson to New Orleans (it has to be around 16 or 17 million in contract to make it work).

    Chandler and Posey to Houston

    McGrady to Utah

    Kirilenko and CJ Miles to Cleveland

    I think this makes since for all teams,

    The Hornets are trying to dump contracts because they are hurting cash wise, if they do this trade they get rid of two of their biggest money eaters saving , and they can to do a buy out of Szczerbiaks contract for around 6 to 9 million (leaving Wally a free agent agian, it wil the the quickest 6, 7, or 8 million he will ever make and he will be free to play where ever), and they will have a good young prospect to help build their team.

    The Rockets get a legit big man to take the injured Yao’s place and another good defensive player (as if they need another, but it makes the contracts work). Chandlers contract is a two year contract, and if Yao comes back healthy in a year, Chandler’s expiring contract would make good trade bait.

    Utah wants McGrady (God knows why) and are willing to trade AK-47 for him, according to the Utah newspapers. Not sure if AK-47 is what the Rockets need most, with Yao out for atleast a year, maybe that is why the trade hasn’t happened.

    Cleveland gets a really long armed 6-9 player, Kirilenko, that does his most damage at Power Foward, a great defensive player that covers the ground Shaq can’t, blocks a lot of shots, is able to hit a jump shot, and can sometimes hit the three. It allows the Cavs to have Verejao come off the bench, which he is best suited to do. Also the Cavs gets a solid back up Small Foward to come in when James sits who can score 8-10 points in 20 to 25 minutes and hit the three 35% of the time and play decent defense.

    This is what the team’s Rotation would look like:

    C_: Shaq, Z
    PF: Kirilenko, Verejao
    SF: James, CJ Miles
    SG: West, Parker
    PG: Williams, Gibson

    There are so many things you can do with that rotation, and you can not only matchup with anyone, but cause almost everyone you play matchup problems.

  • mattsnyder

    I think thats kinda stretching it. If your going to do something like that why not just do Wally and Hickson for Kirilenko and Miles straight up.

    Plus Kirilenko is a SF, no way he’d be able to play PF for 82.

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