Cavs Resign Varejao

The Cavaliers have finally made a move in free agency, one that Cavs fans probably won’t be too satisfied about.

The Cleveland Cavaliers and free agent Forward Anderson Varejao have agreed to a 6 year, $50 Million contract. Both sides have reached a deal a week after Varejao opted out of his previous contract with the Cavs in which he would have made over $6 Million in 2009. Andy’s new deal with the Cavs will have him earning $8.3 Million a year for the next 6 years.

Like many Cavalier fans I hope that Danny Ferry has the intention of doing something with Varejao’s huge contract. Paying a player $8.3 Million to go out and flop on his back 5 or 6 times a night is just ridiculous. Varejao averaged 8.6 ppg and 7.2 rpg in the 2008-2009 season.

A number of teams were interested in Varejao, including the Portland Blazers and the Oklahoma City Thunder, as well as numerous sign and trade offers from around the league. I wouldn’t rule out a sign and trade deal getting done just yet, but I don’t see too many teams wanting to pay $8.3 Million/yr for a offensively challenged post player who’s best skill is drawing fouls.

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