Cav-A-Shaq: 20 Cleveland-Inspired Shaq Nicknames

At this hour, we know two things for sure: A.) Shaquille O’Neal has been traded to the Cavs; B.) Shaq loves giving himself nicknames. That’s why we wanted to welcome the Big Fella with open arms and 20 Cleveland-inspired nickname suggestions. Anything to make Cleveland feel like home for the three-time NBA Finals MVP.

The Remake on the Lake – There’s little doubt that Shaq will pledge to bring a championship back to the Mistake on the Lake, just like he pledged to when he arrived in Miami.

Cav-a-Shaq – This one might turn a phrase with negative memories (“Hack-a-Shaq”) into something more pleasant.

LeBrawn – LeBron James is big, but No. 23′s only medium sized compared to the giant-sized No. 34.

The Twibe - A fusion of the hometown Tribe and The_Real_Shaq‘s Twitter obsession.

Brad Daughterneze &

Scary Larry Nance – Cleveland saw some good big men back in the day, but they’ve never seen anything like the Big Fella.

Zone Thugs-N-Harmony – The only way you are going to stop a revitalized Shaq in Cleveland is with a lot of zone and a full assortment of fouls.

Shaquillbasa- Kielbasa is one of the most popular foods around town, and it wouldn’t surprise us to see this moniker pop up on a few menus.

Chief Shaq Fu – Chief Wahoo gets a modern-day update, and named after one of the worst rap acts in history (sorry, big guy).

Basketball Jim Brown – Ain’t nobody bullied Cleveland opponents like Jim Brown did during his prime until, well, now.

Rock ‘n’ Roll Wall of Fame – Try to take it to the hole on the Diesel. Just try it. Especially with LeBron as his Swat Team partner.

Bartles (and James) -The best duo from the 80s not named Hall and Oates, Magic and Kareem, Montana and Rice or Crockett and Tubbs reborn.

The Kardiac Big – Paying homage to the Browns team that came the closest to beating the ’72 Dolphins, aka the Kardiac Kids.

Zydrunas Ilswatskus – The Big Aristotle isn’t the defensive force he used to be, but he still loves to sit back in the cut and send balls flying into the stands.

Shaqer Heights – That place ain’t called Shaker Heights any more. Get out the spray paint and change the signs, Clevelanders.

Hot Bod – If skinny-ass, underachieving John “Hot Rod” Williams gets to be Hot Rod, then Mr. O’Neal gets to be Hot Bod. Only fair.

The Dawg Mound – Hey, in Cleveland both the size of the dog in the fight and the size of the fight in the dog matter.

Cavalanche – Is exactly what’s going to hit the Eastern Conference later this year. Can’t you see him running down the court making that shivering face he makes?

The Big O’Hio – Might as well start taking bets on how long it will take Shaq to give himself this nickname. Gonna happen.

Dark Price – He will have to really, really, REALLY work on his free-throw shooting, but we can see him going here, too.

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  • jm02141

    How about “The Big Steamer”? Because that’s all he is gonna be layin in clevo.

  • Sean

    Shaqleveland O’Neal

  • adam

    Those are all terrible nicknames. Dark Price is just flat out racist.

    However, the Big Steamer, as JM02141 suggested, is hilarious!

  • Burt

    The Shaqalier?

  • Brodie

    While I like the Big Steamer, I think we should go with the more commonly known “Cleveland Steamer”.

  • mike

    the big Dagger

  • John

    The Big Snowplow

  • Justin

    Witness Protection, Sir Shaqtus, The Shaqominable Snowman

  • Ouch

    Yeesh. Where’s the comically oversized Vaudevillian hook when you need it?

  • Ralph

    I personally like Witness Protection. Think that one is pretty good.

  • roger

    big snowplow, big bus, big witness, I like shaquille o’hio too (with the i pronouced e)

  • Reggie

    If your from Cleveland you will get this ” The Big Lake Effect.”

  • todd

    the big walleye

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  • cm

    Shaqleveland O’hio – Neal

  • Drew

    Nice mention on Around the Horn, Zach!

    Now let’s see if the dynamic duo can get the Cavs to the finals…

  • Jake


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  • Ryan Kane
  • Ted

    The Big Cuyahoga or THE TERMINAL TOWER

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  • Bob

    Of all the nicknames I’ve seen, Witness Protection seems like the only one that could catch on with both the fans and his teammates

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  • Brad

    The “BIG WALLEYE” Witness protection shirts are already floating hard on Ebay, I think we have a winner.

  • scotusafricanus

    Shaqatron! given the hot air around transformers

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  • Erol

    “Big Pierogie!”

  • Mike

    How about Jester.

  • Nathan

    I think that the “Big Smoke Stack” is the most appropriate nickname.

  • Matt

    How about “The BIG ERIESTOTLE”?

  • deeznutz

    deez r duh worse niknames evuh thoughtuh. hoo b thinkin uv deez wack names? me lixe me sum big lake effect an big snow plow an big smoke stack. them uthuz is wack!

  • Vis Des Maximus

    How about “Oh, Lebron, I’m just here to remind you every day that Kobe is flat out better than you.”

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  • Bob W

    How about “Witess Protection”

  • Rushil

    No doubt… the perfect nickname for shaq here in cleveland is ….. witness protection

  • Cecil

    The Big Buck

  • Tom Triola

    He Man Jovwarse!! i know that u been lookin for a new nickname since uve changed cities. me and my boys play nba live 04 religiously. Shaq daddy is too nasty, i cannot jam it on that beast. my boy tom plays as the la lakers and i play as the sac kings. there is rarely an instance where vlade divac can drive the lane and dunk on shaq. he seriously swats it every time. He Man Jovwarse should be his new nickname so he can shit like he does in live. tha nigga is nasty washasss

  • ZMAN

    “The Big Witness Protection” is my favorite, but here are a few more:

    “The Big Buckeye” (state tree)

    “The Big Cardinal” (state bird)

    “The Big Flint” (state rock)

    The Big “O” (as in “O”hio & “O”neil)

  • Martino Tassi


  • Martino Tassi

    ….or BIG DIRTY-THREE =)

  • d.a. frank

    LOVE SHAQ would be a good nic name for Shaq

  • mike
  • then shaqname giver

    Shaqy Clause and Sir Shaqsalot

  • Spain

    I know that Gasol is better than Shaq, but I want that the nickname of Shaquille were Dragt

  • Matt

    I think “The Dark Night” would be a good name to go along with “The King.”

  • Matt Snyder

    idk the dark night could be viewed as being a bit racist. IMO.

  • Etha Esquilin

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