Projected Pick: Chase Budinger


30. Cleveland Cavaliers – Chase Budinger, Arizona
Look, LeBron, Danny Ferry got you a tall, athletic swingman who can score when needed. It’s just what you’ve been asking for! Except not, because for some reason Budinger’s never been able to translate his considerable skills into a sustained period of excellence. That doesn’t necessarily make him a bust waiting to happen, because lord knows he won’t be expected to be a first option in the NBA, but it does make him the kind of guy who’s more likely to fill in when he can. Unfortunately, the Cavs already have a lot of that on their roster, and we saw where it got them this year. You wouldn’t expect much else at the end of the first round, but that doesn’t make it any less unfortunate.

Budinger might develop into an average player, but I just don’t see the intestity and toughness that he will need to compete as a starter. He will be no more than a bench player that could get 20 minutes a night, which isn’t a bad thing especially picking last in the first round. He does shoot well and that is something the Cavs could use from a big. He shot over 36% all three years in college from the arc and over 44% from the field. I would rather have a Demarre Carrol type player with this pick rather than Budinger. If the Cavs choose to resign Anderson Varejao then I think Budinger would be a nice complement to the other “bigs” on the team.

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