Mike Brown Will Remain Cavs Coach

“All rumors are completely false. Mike Brown will be the Cavaliers head coach next season,” a team source told Chris Broussard of ESPN The Magazine.

The Cavs front office are trying to do a little damage control after rumors started  that they might be looking to replace Mike Brown. A couple of sources yesterday said that the Cavs front office was at odds with each other over the decision to keep their head coach. I am not sure how any owner could get away with firing the NBA coach of the year, but I am sure Brown would find a new job rather quickly.

This is good news for Cavs fans. Now I know all of us were frustrated with how the team and coaching staff performed in the Eastern Conference Finals. Ask anyone close to me and they would tell you that series killed me. I was at game 4 and it was one tough pill to swallow. But hear me out on this, bringing in a new coach during the last season of LeBron’s contract would be putting everything into next season. I think if LeBron sees consistency from the Cavs and the front office improves the talent around him this off-season they will be better suited to resign the King.

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  • http://justblogbaby.com/ Just Blog Baby

    The Cavs can’t go A.J. Smith w/the Chargers and fire thier coach after he led his team to the best record and the conference finals. They’re doing the right thing by keeping him around, he more than deserves to be the head coach next season. If you fire Brown then you have to get a HUGE name with a proven track record (Larry Brown anyone?)

    However, I don’t see a title any time soon with Mike Brown on the sideline. He’s a good coach and LeBron clearly likes him but I don’t think he has the mental makeup to coach a guy like King James. Phil Jackson and Greg Popovich are the kind of coaches LeBron needs early in his career. Men who aren’t afraid to get in the face of an elite player, can can get into their heads and challenge them. Neither PJ nor Coach Pop would ever allow their players to joke around on the bench just cause their teams have a big lead. There has to be a respect for the game (why do you think LeBron rolled out and let his teammates deal with the media?) Brown wasn’t even drawing up plays or calling defenses, his assistants were doing that for him. There is no way an NBA head coach should ever be outside the huddle in the 4th quarter and Mike Brown was. Considering that he has also been to the finals already yet was still out coached by a rookie to big playoff games (Stan Van Porn Stash) says a lot about how far away the Cavs are with Brown in charge.

    Hopefully for Cavs fans the front office does its job and gets this team better personnel, but in the long run there is going to have to be a coaching change. Brown was on Popovich’s staff so he’s seen a great coach in action, but a tiger can’t changes it’s stripes and I’m afraid that Brown is more of a housecat than a predator in the wild.

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